Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’d love to have you on my podcast as a guest, are you available for this?
    Yes, I am and would love to if I am aligned with your message. Generally, my free time to record on podcasts is Fridays after 12pm or at 9 am during the week.
  • Are you available to consult with me regarding a client who has a history of sexual trauma or the sexual dynamics of a couple I am working with?
    If you are a practitioner and are seeking consultation for a current client, I do consult but have limited availability. I can either fit you in if I have a cancellation during the week or we can possibly speak on Fridays.
  • Do you lead intensives/retreats for individuals or couples?
    I often do intensives with clients who are remote and still want to receive bodywork and physical practices. This gives us an opportunity to work beyond the regular 50-80 minute time structure. When working with trauma or helping someone’s body to feel safe enough to open it’s valuable to not have time constraints and have more spaciousness.  These practices go beyond talking about an issue and give lots of time to practice building new relationship skills and integrate what arises. I do this with individuals, couples, and family members who are looking to address past foundational challenges and reconstruct their relationships. Intensives need to be scheduled Fri-Sun.
  • Where can I find out more about the private practice work you do with individuals and couples?
    Please look at my therapy website www.passionatelife.org
  • Do you have room in your practice for new clients?
    I am not currently taking anyone new on. If you’d like to be added to a waitlist and have a relatively flexible schedule, please email me.
  • Do you offer any trainings or courses in the work you do?
    I am currently creating online courses for professionals as well as anyone healing from trauma. Please check back in. Thank you for your patience.
  • When will your book be available?
    Thank you for your interest. I truly want it to be out there as a resource. Due to increased client hours and focus on my podcast the book is on hold at the moment.
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