Trauma-Trained Psychotherapist & Sexuality Coach

Charna Cassell, an LMFT, and Trauma-Trained Psychotherapist and Sexuality Coach, helps people heal and find pleasure in their bodies. For over two decades, first, as a sex educator and sex toy clerk at Good Vibrations located in San Francisco.  Then, as a Master Somatic Coach and bodyworker, and now, a licensed psychotherapist. 

Over the years, Charna has worked in a variety of schools, nonprofits, and therapeutic settings as a teacher, trainer, counselor, and workshop leader.  She teaches sexuality and body wisdom education, trauma, and resilience training through a number of institutes. This includes Sonoma State University, Wellesley College, Julia Morgan School for Girls, and Holden High, as well as, taught internationally with the Global Gratitude Alliance’s Safe Embrace Trauma Healing (SETH) program.

Charna’s published work features stories about healing from trauma, she also explores this topic in her performed autobiographical monologues. Additionally, you can find her work in Oprah magazine,,,, and 

As the host of LaidOPEN Podcast, Charna shares her own story, answers your questions, and offers practical exercises. She has conversations with inspirational survivors, trailblazers, and people just like you. Her guests are experts and authors in the field of somatics, trauma, healing modalities, mindfulness, and the arts. Charna is in private practice in Oakland, California. You can learn more about her at and

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