Catherine Drysdale host of Your Pleasure Podcast
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Healing Ways To Love Yourself with Catherine Drysdale

Welcome back to LaidOPEN Podcast! This week we welcome Catherine Drysdale, a pleasure activator and sex & relationship coach. She’s also the host of Your Pleasure Path Podcast, which went viral on TikTok earning over 16 million monthly listens.

It’s easy to see that helping bring joy and vibrancy into people’s lives is Catherine’s calling. We chat about life as a sex educator and all the modalities that can lead to healing–even though not all healing modalities are meant for everyone. We also talk about her success as a coach, finding a sex-positive audience at Cosmopolitan Magazine, and her sex magic master class Multi Orgasmic, featured in the magazine.

We end this episode with an EFT Tapping exercise designed to help people incorporate self-love and acceptance into their lives, and most importantly, feeling worthy of pleasure. You’re not gonna want to miss this episode Catherine is a true delight.

Show Notes Welcome back to laid open podcast. During my hiatus from recording this podcast I've been building an online course on how to live the passionate pleasure filled peaceful life you want reduce self sabotaging behavior and gain control over your nervous system. Creating courses for people around the world to understand the impact of trauma on their nervous system and relationships, and how they can heal is something I've wanted to do for over a decade. I'm thrilled it's finally happening. I'll keep you posted as to when it's launching for now you can also sign up for my newsletter, read my blog or send questions to be answered at Charna Today's guest is Catherine Drysdale she's a pleasure activator and sex and relationship coach welcome Catherine Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I heard a little news about your multi orgasmic orgasm course. And I would love for you to share a little more about that. Ya know, it's funny. So multi orgasmic is now featured and called the power plan online. Super excited like that, for me was like a huge win in itself. Like being in Cosmo and play. One of the things that I was one of the goals that I was working toward, but the journalist, it was Joe Hamilton, he picked me to include a few position in oral sex guide. And then I included all my information and she popped the cord in there. And I was like, I love that. That's so exciting. That's amazing. Congratulations. I'm truly, you know, it's a funny thing. I haven't picked up a Cosmo magazine in forever. But I do remember all they were kind of ahead of their time with all the six info at 16 looking in those magazines. Oh, 100 breakdown. I mean, I remember whipping through all of them. And it's funny because I say I'm now working back I think it's like it's fine. But back when I'm it's like 16 You know, we're reading it like the Bible, like okay, we got to put the doughnut on it and pickles in order to confirm it, but he likes that break. We're pulling it up and add more novels The but like, if not the Bible, I think it like realizing you've got to pick it back. And it all comes down to communication with your partner to figure out what each other like. Well, and I also, you know, I think about you as not being totally mainstream. Oh, not at all. Yeah. Okay. So it's an accurate read. And so you know, what, that's one of the things that I can celebrate and appreciate about that. Because I feel like when I think of Cosmo, my association you know, I came out when I was 15. And so I was I was interested in more alternative magazines must was a magazine back in the day. And so I think of I think of Cosmo as being very straight. And and yet, I don't perceive you that way. I don't know anything. I don't really know anything about you. But I feel like you're you're more expansive. Yeah. Interesting. You see that because I feel like my sexual orientation, I guess I am more in white, hetero, but I'm more flexible to like, I'm open to experience and however it happen. And I think like that, of the change, then, you know, being in the bay being a tech centric theater tech coach, being more open minded, but I tried to Zermatt with girl when I was in high school, but I was rejected. So I'm like, do I have internet up there? Like, is there more than one floor? I don't know. But with Cosmo, even within the same guide, right, a lot of the illustrations that are included, they are they do have, like women with women, men with men, or they are being more enlisted now than they were when I was in high school. And they weren't about 30 years ago. I mean, I like Yeah, absolutely. I would hope so. And I also want to just clarify when I say straight I don't I like I don't just mean hetero, I mean, more like narrow So in the kinds of ways we're defining what sex is, I think back in the day, it would have been like pee in the Wii is what? Cosmo considered sex and, and now that's awesome. Like it's they've progressed as we all have. Yeah. Oh, totally. Yeah. In terms of Yeah, being open minded. I mean, I think part of it is like deconstructing like how we were taught about sex like most of us if we were lucky to have tech centric nation, it was PMV. That's the only definition we had. But like, it's so beautiful to be able to define for ourselves like what that means like, it can be penetration, it cannot be penetrated there. It can be oral, it can be Tapi. It could be like, really simple thing. And I think authors do like knowing that I can have orgasm with just my breath alone. I'm like, Yeah, that could be defined however the faculty want to. Alright, I hope I can where you can tell. Yeah, this is this is not a cusp rezone. There's multiple things I want to circle back to and one of them you just touched on, which is if I can have orgasms with breath alone. And so is that one of the things in your multi orgasmic course, that you're teaching people? Yeah, so I'm, I lost a disclaimer, I'm not an breathwork facilitator. So that's not my routine. But I do share in depth about my multiple experiences that I've had. having orgasms through breath work, I do have some breath work in there that you can do easily. But I mean, I know that first time I had, were young, and a breathwork. Workshop, it was going in, when I was in saloon, I just might do like, the normal relief that if you're familiar with breath work, a lot of the time, there's a relief that comes with like, crying. So wait, I was like, I gotta let go and cry it all out. And I was shocked that when I was getting into I think it was the Helios propane breath. When I was getting in that thing, I started orgasming. And again and again, and I was surrounded by people. And in the pack like that, what has been an experience that brought a meant premium, like what am I doing, this is not the place for tonight. But instead, I felt like supported the whole workshop. It was complete love immersion. So it was there to connect with like a lot of punctuality, pleasure and the fidelity comm came up to me and even brought a little vibrator that he put on my test. Yeah, to enable me that we keep going and feel safe to keep going. I was like, wow, that was really powerful. To be able to express myself in that way. And not feel shame and unfair. Right to be so seen and held and being visibly sensual, sexual. I mean, it's an energy. It's basically what you know what you're pointing to as you're like, oh, there's this channel that runs through my body and there's all this energy and I thought, you know, it can it can be it can come out in tears, or it can come out in through orgasm. And you can have crying orgasms too. So yeah, so you that you felt really supported. And that's beautiful. So before nine oh, I will they do it inside multi-orgasmic. I do have a 30 minute guided like masturbation experience with breathwork. Included to booty hear my voice telling you exactly where it went. That's it. And with the breathing included. It's incredible. I didn't live like I hoped didn't live and wow, just the energy of knowing everyone. We've been bonding pleasure, whether or not you've reached orgasm, that doesn't matter. But it's just being able to maybe it's the time and experience. Thank you, Alan. Yeah, and pleasure and your body and connect your brand with display. It's such a beautiful thing, man. I wish more people had the ability to connect though. Yeah. And if you could go back to high school, and you could redo sex education. What would you what would you want to tell your teenage self if you could be the teacher of your teenage self? Oh, God be the key things that you would want to disseminate. And I think the most important is that my pleasure matter. And like, frankly, I like women were really not taught anything about our collector. Okay, I think that's really important. I mean, Mr. Having secret 14 and 24 that it started happening really enjoy. And I think number two most important thing is like really talking about like, event because I don't remember that conversation anywhere. And I'm someone who experienced sexual assault in college and I've had a number of great, problematic periods there. Were looking back I'm like, Oh, that was 100% compatible. or, and I think like giving, I don't know, my past self, the tools and resources to understand what, what how we got there what how know is and like, learn how to develop the evidence to actually link the know women for no and not gaslight myself into doing things because they think easier than not. And I think like that, like that huge like knowing that you have autonomy of your body, and you don't need to do something you don't want to do just because you think you need to or just because you want this person to like you or just because you're afraid that they're gonna work for you even worse, the thing that's so intense about that, and you know, is that, like, let's say you're sexually abused as a kid, or you're assaulted as a teenager, and there's this emotional wounding and a freeze that's in your system that just keeps recycling and repeating itself. And when you're triggered, old, younger, like younger states, present themselves, right, so I'm just picturing somebody who has been assaulted. And then what happens is they play out that same, it's like that same belief system or thinking as a teenage girl as a 12 year old, a 14 year old, a 16 year old who's like, you know, it's easier to just do this or, you know, I want to be liked, right? So whether you could you could have evolved into this powerful being, and this certain track of your life, this your sexual self expression can get stuck in that way. And hijacked. Right? And so what you're what you're saying is so important. Yeah. And I think it's important to like, I feel like, I'm grateful when the world that we're living in now, in a lot of ways, because I feel like, the mental health is like, greater than it has been in the past. And there's so many resources that are going in platforms like Tiktok, me, you need to, like really conscious could be PTSD, or wow, I have trauma, like maybe I should, like, go deal with that. But I think like, giving people permission to know that was okay to start the healing process and know that like, you're never gonna be 100% Heal, because it's been a journey. Because I might think that I've healed everything and maybe two years from now I'm gonna be triggered by something, you know, and that's perfectly okay. But like, the healing journey isn't when here it goes up and down. And also there's so many different ways tool so like, if one thing like if talk therapy doesn't work for you, there's so many other things like, I personally, I like using NLP and hypnotherapy with my clients to experience like trauma, sexual trauma specifically, for like, I have a friend who's starting like EMDR doing their somatic experiencing, there's so many different tools to help you, like process and feel because even though something can happen to you that you can't roll, like, didn't have happen. You were still deserving a fighter now in the future that couldn't take away from what the beautiful parts of life that you are able to experience. Absolutely. Yeah. And I know that you you've gone through quite a healing journey. And one of the things that you mentioned, you're interviewing somebody, and I listened to one of your episodes, and you were talking about you're talking about Akashic records. Oh, yeah. And past life regression and stuff like that. And so I was just wondering if that was part of your journey and healing or this is part of the way that you also work with your clients? I mean, that's a good question. So, yes, that was part of my healing journey. It's interesting how I work with clients who need to over time, I first got into coaching the more traditional life coach. And then realize I was like, I want to create more impact. I want to help people like this isn't enough. So I did like an eight month certification and nlp hypnosis client technique. I'm also breaking certified. I do the Akashic records but funny through the time, I realized I'm like, I don't really want to do all the woowoo stuff. Like I've lately kept that more for myself. I'm like, Okay, this is my thing. Like, I don't have to make money off of every film. Except the beast of mine was that I'd say how I guide clients, it just really, it really depends. I think I do take an intuitive approach on like, what they need some people want more gentle healing where like, I can give them Reiki while we're talking about something you know, or it can be okay. You have a really hard belief, damn it taking over your whole life when you go in with NLP time techniques and let Trump take it out, heal that. And then a few days later or A week later, there'll be like, I'll write my wife cheat so much, and with only 45 minutes. So typically, like how I work with clients, but with the Akashic Record, and then length progression, I feel like not with an important part in my own journey is allowing myself to go there with my own spirituality. And the that, like, I know, not everyone believes in like, corny. But like, I'm pretty woowoo, but I keep that. But in this experience with the public regretted, like I was able to be up past life where I was doing similar work to what I'm doing now. And like is that the new gave me the permission to move forward in my career. Because even though I come across very, like, confident I can talk about tech in my sleep it girl, I had so much great theme, fear conditioning, that way, if I go into tech late, I can't do anything else. But it for me is just gonna ruin my career for the rest of my life. I had all these belief systems that I had to work through in order to even claim my career here. And so being able to use Akashic records and pathway progression or fear that like, I can do this in my sleep, what I'm here to do, that was like the confirmation that I then, and I will say at double confirmation to Well, I don't know if you're familiar with human design. Are you? Yeah, so yeah, so my human design, I'm a generator. So I have all this like, great energy, emotional Thor authority. So a lot of my energy is here and in my sacral. But my purpose in life is right angled crock of law. And literally, what I'm here to do is help people and love and relationship. And so in place, okay. All this time play that dear, I was like, okay. No hiding out. I do it. Very, very validating hot. Yeah, yeah. I think there's something else that you mentioned in maybe it was that episode or a different episode. And I wrote a paper in grad school about trauma as a gateway to spiritual awakening. And I would love to just touch on that with you. Because, you know, one of the things I know that I found working with trauma and sexuality as a result of my own sexual trauma, and not that I would wish that on anybody, and yet, because I've done my own healing, I'm able to walk people through. And I believe in that sounds like that's been your path as well. And so it's this crazy thing, when it's when it shows up in charts, you know, if did there are people out there that believe in Vedic Astrology or, you know, Western astrology or human design or all in it? And it does, right? It's kind of wired the way it's like, right there. It's like, oh, this is so this isn't? It's not obviously, sexual. abuse and trauma happen very frequently, and to a lot of people and it's not everyone's path. Yet, it is ours. And so that's an interesting thing. So what what do you what are your thoughts about that about trauma as a gateway to spiritual awakening? Yeah, I mean, look, regardless of what your beliefs are, or break a feature of your general observer role, do people that you know, in your life, or even if they're like, not close to you, a lot of people find spirituality, I'm crazy to believe something for my, whether it could be sexual or a Greek losing a loved one, maybe having a car accident where you've been there one event or a series of events that aren't traumatic, that trigger someone could be like, Well, what's going on? There's gotta be something bigger than me out there. And I feel like that typically that like catalyst moment that people end up finding their spirituality, because that's what brings them out of their little hole. They're like, I want to win for something. I want to believe in something others are needed doesn't matter if you call it God, the universe, like whoever it the name doesn't matter. But a lot of people end up finding spiritual spirituality through their healing process. And not what Yeah, help pull them out. And I know for me wait, I I grew up like and I was like, I don't believe in DOD, like, now whatnot. And yeah, I had a rock bottom moment where I was like, up What the fuck my life. I'm like something's got to be better than and I had my first experience with a psychic I think like a week before I ended up signing up for my for like Cushing therapy, he said, and he came up to me in my car and he was like, knock knock on my Windows later third eyes open. What the fuck did that like, oh, and like we talked a little bit he ended up being kind of famiIy So, but I'm grateful for him because he really opened my eyes, my eyes but like my I feel I feel this the world of spirituality and then you know, I found myself doing learning here know for myself and oracle cards that was like his daily practice, I still pull a card every single day for myself. And that's like, something that I care in and then doing Reiki and that really opened me up more not level one middle level view was when I started like working with other people then I was like, oh shit, I feel like when Hold on, I was like, when in fact, crystals are pretty, but they just rock like, what the hell yeah, and this is the thing, there's so much to make fun of in in all that. And, and, you know, I I wouldn't have considered myself a spiritual person until I was I say I was forced onto a spiritual path by my body by physical ailments that Western medicine couldn't address and didn't understand. And it was off roading that I found things that made sense and actually started to make a difference. And meditation above everything has made the biggest difference in my life. In terms of healing physically, yeah, you know, the trauma stuff, because so much of it happened in relationship. I needed another physical human to help hold that in guide for a certain amount of time before I could continue doing that on my own. But, yeah, it's it's the laughter is, is really needed, especially when you're in the trauma and sexuality field. Yeah. 100% 100 With that, for you sexuality as a spiritual practice. And now is that in is that in the background for you in terms of, again, like what you keep for yourself what your practices? Or do you foreground that you integrate that into how you're working with people? And do they? Do you share that? Perception? I definitely, definitely share that hurts. I'm sharing with clients, but I can say like, I am the type of coat or, you know, educator that like, near what my beliefs are. But I give so much faith for people to discover what feels good for them. So I'm never going to be right. VIP is the way I do it. You have to do it this way. No, I'm like, what if you thought about your masturbation experience in a different light? Like what if instead of reaching for your favorite porn video, immediately grabbing that same vibrator and with the same low with the same hair and, and pacing the onward quickly as you can? What is maybe you like, what went down? Or maybe you think about the things that she wants or meeting you create a more like sensual experience, like putting on music, like maybe wearing a candle? What if things were different? Right? Like how would that experience change your life? And like, I think for me relate part of how I came to this realization that like my sexuality is a spiritual experience of letting go I'm I'm pretty hybrid person. And like I started masturbating when I was 14, I started having sex when I was 14. But a lot of the times it was like chasing the vibrator trying to get an O as quickly as possible. And I was like, using my Oregon phone and tax at least structurally. But during COVID I went I think the longest time that will there was 15 months. celibate with no partner back that was just with me, but I use that time to reconnect myself. And like when I would masturbate in the morning, it'd be like I would say that like sensory experience. I would, I don't know if you can see but up here I have like my vision boards. When I'm not debating to like, look at them, I'm like, Ah, let's go to Europe this summer. And like, how am I gonna feel when I'm on that? Like you're in Greece? Like, oh, what a great experience words sometimes I'll think about like, like affirmations and stuff like that, like how I want to feel like who I am what I'm calling in and be To handle the change from not like from needing visual stimulation from porn needing a vibrator, to get off and just getting an O as quickly as possible. I turn like my leg, I don't know, do minute masturbate, and like sometimes I spend like 20 or 30 minutes, or sometimes they don't even come at all, and I enjoy attaching myself. I went from school to school, it's not really open things up. And even now, like I am, like, having input experiences with partners, but for a while to like the segue between not having any partnered experiences to having sat for a while I was playing with other people's but no penetration and allowing myself to be like, Okay, this can be a fruitful experience. There's still an energy exchange, even if penetration brought involved. And so I was playing with people I was engaging in pinky and it appears cool experience to like aural gets to be a spiritual experience to like, it doesn't have to just be peasy. It doesn't just have to be masturbation, like right, anything can be, as long as there's any sort of energy experience, that that's the beauty of that I bring in my own practice that I want to inspire people to consider in their own life. But I also know, it's something that's going to take time in the journey and might not resonate with other people. I'm like, That's okay. No, totally, it's so important to not have a one size fits all formula, but to be actually addressing and working with the person that's in front of you and at their pace, and, you know, their flavor and, and all of that, you know, when you're talking about masturbating to your vision board, and like looking at these pictures of Europe, and I pictured you using your sexual energy as a conducting stick, you know, and you're just like writing it and you're like, zap that thing. You're like, you're, you know, you're you're increasing the, the energy and the expansion in your body in response to like, being very intentional, right, like having an intentional focus. Oh, I 100%. And what I've manifested, like, so this was last year, when I went viral on Pixar off. I had not I had a vision board, but I cut out pictures of women's faces. And like, that's how I grew 103,000 followers in 30 days. I was doing myself pleasure. I was doing my orgasmic, manifesting diagnostic practice with that, like every day, and it was allowing me to focus on that I do have a freebie right now through my sex magic masterclass, it's free in my bio, all you have to do is pop in your email, and you'll get it immediately. I may have to repeat it again at the end. But why don't you do that right now? Like, what is your link in? Is it talking about your Instagram link, you're ticked it same link on Instagram and picked up and that's gonna be the best way to get in contact with me that has all my social had multi-orgasmic. I'll give a 30% off code for all your listeners or multi-orgasmic. It'll be great. Oh, then, yeah, I'm very tech magic master classes are completely free. All you have to do is pop in your email there. That's awesome. Thank you. And that's great listeners 30% off well. So do you want to share anything else about the course in terms of what are the kinds of things that get covered? How long does it last? Yeah, so multi-orgasmic course is completely self paced. And it's about 30 minutes or video content. They're all very like a bite sized. I think each one is probably between like five and 10 minutes long. It's all optimized for locals to the lake don't feel like you pull out your laptop. You have lifetime access to it. But we talked about the 14 different types of orgasm, which I know I'm definitely not thought about them. Like did you know that you can have like nipple gab them. We talk a lot about like blended orgasms, which is like how I tend to experience more of my like multi orgasmic or more orgasm, and we talk about like the anatomy, I give tools and techniques that might work for me. I share my thing. I don't know like toys and the looms that I like and the different products that have like helped me with this experience. And I share like my stories of like the first time I had 32 orgasms in two hours. And this experience that opens the door to consistently having I think probably three more orgasms every time I have programmed back every single time like it's my new standard now. Next Should folks out there wanting to partner with you? Or like, the bar is a little lie? Oh, yeah. I mean, look, if you're someone that has never had an orgasm room, or maybe just one is enough for you like, that's totally fine. Like, I'm not here to telling you that you have to have 30 orgasm, or, like, No, I'm trying to provide more information. So you were one of the talkable here in a way that help you understand your body butter. Also rate, maybe you're listening and you don't have a robot. This is more careful the owner than women. But if you don't have a vulva, and you're having to get along with the vulva, understand anatomy, rubido, all of that counted on like, why you might have trouble experiencing and organize them, we talk a lot about like the difference, like why some people in that get off alone, but not with a partner, or vice versa, or so we just like don't dive really deep into all about the orgasm, and female pleasure. Awesome. And so that's, that's an important piece. It's kind of like some of these courses the starting point, like let's say someone comes, they're pre orgasmic. They have trauma. So that being with any sensation, their body feels overwhelming, or they're just really numb and they can't feel are there going to be resources for those folks in the court? Yes, we and we do touch on like trauma in record, too. That's great. Yeah, that's so such an important thing. I worked a good vibrations in my 20s. And, you know, I really saw the gap that was a killing sexually, and then also working there. So I was like, surrounded by dildos and toys, Korean talking about sex all day. And yet, then I was healing my own sexuality. And there were days where I was like, I don't understand, like, wanting to feel pleasure, I don't understand being a sexual being like, this is so uncomfortable. So I would kind of go in between these two worlds. And so I love now, you know, seeing that gap being bridged, probably, and I feel like part of like, the healing journey, you remember, you are like, someone, we want to absorb knowledge or like, learn new things. But it might not be the time to integrate it or like, really do the practice. And that's okay, too. There's been plenty times in my life where I've learned something and it didn't resonate, I'm like, not now. And I'm come back to it. And that was the right time. Now, I was supposed to be doing that the way if not free, if you just want to link check it out and be that probably fine. There's that the viewer practicin is your life, you have full autonomy of your body, I'm not pressuring you to do anything, I just want to invite you to know that, like, your pleasure matters. And I think it's actually preserved because experienced trauma, like, I know, knowing of that I was worthy of pleasure, during my healing process really helped me because like, I've had the best decade of my life. Sure, my Sama, and then not allowed myself to decondition those beliefs. I wouldn't be where I am today. And what do you think was the the most important piece for you? And that's always hard to rank things? Because if they're happening at the same time, but increasing your sense of worthiness and changing that belief around not being worthy? Yeah, I think, I mean, I think a lot of the conditioning that way I had growing up or just would have been in the media is around worthiness is like there's, there's so many messages saying that I'm not right, I am a book, I'm overweight. I'm a thick queen. So like, I'm not worthy. In that sense. I have experienced trauma, I'm not worthy or nothing. I have slept with so many people that I'm like, used or in this and not like all the negative was really bad messages that we're getting are like I have French where I'm really short i this i that and it's like leaping through to believe all these negative things about ourselves or we can decide that way. You know, what, like, know, that not receive. And I think the worthiness II I know that came hand in hand, I think there was like, like my body image, too. And it's like, body love weight. body positivity doesn't just happen overnight, things like worthiness, it first come from like, awareness, and then reality, I think is a really important place to be. And so even if you feel like you're not worthy of pleasure, Back for the pleasure, like, you can start to believe like maybe I think that I couldn't be worthy of having marker and allow yourself to fit in that led middle gray area for a bit. And then slowly pick away at it and slowly change your belief. And that's something that I really like to do too with no peers like belief bridges from okay, we go from where we are now like, I'm not really it's harder to, we're gonna have to literally I'm worthy of pleasure and everyone's been worth it the ground I walk, right? The other without a bridge in between. and So allow yourself to glue through the bridge in between and tapping is a great like resource for anyone to like, you don't need a practitioner for that you can just do it yourself that, for me was really helpful to help with my self worth. And do you have a like a five minute practice or something that you would like to guide our listeners through it could be related to that topic could be related to anything? Oh, I mean, we can do tapping. Would that be okay, sure. There's no video for this, though. Right? Well, there's, you know what I mean? There are so many videos and you could Google tapping and get the points. Right, you could just you could list them. You could list them a little bit, but then you know, and then yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So for basic EFT, tapping, I do have some videos on my Instagram. They have for like a how to guide or what percentage are but typically when you're tapping, the first point is going to be like the fleshy part of your hair. And this typically of like the setup point, then if you're going through the whole sequence, above the eyebrow, at the temple, and under the eye, under the nose, chin, chin, middle of the chat. It's the growl line, you have your wrist together, and then the top of your hair. But for the moment, we're just gonna keep here on the left a part of your hand this side. Sorry, I'm just going to drop the side of your pinky. That part. Oh, yeah, she part of your hand that I forget. Yeah, with the not having video. And so how you're gonna do like tapping is super easy. I used to practice evenly health, talk myself down from like a panic attack, or really, really bad, like menstrual cramp like I'm having right now. So it's a great resource, you don't even have to say anything out loud. For this practice right here, I want you to just keep tapping on point. And then you can repeat after me or you can say it out loud or in your head. But we're just gonna go through a quick little sequence here. So even though I don't feel worthy of pressure I weigh and completely love and accept and forgive myself. I'm going to say that same statement two more times. So even though I don't feel worthy and pleasure I wholly agree. Van next time, and predict myself. And one more time, even though I don't feel worthy of pleasure. All right, read and completely. Love and accept and forgive. And so I'm going to talk you through a few things to believe bridge, embrace don't believe. So, maybe right now, I don't feel worthy. But, you know, I really want you and even though right now, I feel insecure about my body how I perform in the bedroom. Maybe it takes too long for me to come. Or maybe I'm just blink to in my head. And sometimes I feel like I'm just like not meant to have an orgasm. And sometimes I feel like I don't deserve pleasure at all. But what I realized is that a lot of these are just intrusive thoughts. And just because they think at one time doesn't mean I have to use these thoughts every day. And I want to believe that I can make different choices with my thoughts. And even if I don't believe that I am worthy of pleasure, right now, I know that sometime in the future I know I will feel like family feel that I am worthy. And I really find it for that day where I know my pressure matter. And even if things have happened to me in the past, and even if I haven't had great time, a good partner, or even if I am feeling bored with my masturbation, I know that things get to be different for me. Because I am choosing myself and why can I experience pleasure? And what's crazy is that pleasures are gonna have to be effectual either kolesar can be me enjoying life or quadpay in the sun for five minutes before work. To let her pin being lithium, the bird chirping low, I'm walking my dog leisure can be enjoying the crisp, clean seat, right as I'm crawling into bed. Or smelling my favorite candle when it can be sexual to. And I'm excited to start wearing my sexuality. Because when I wore and give myself permission that those were truly built for the pleasure I feel good. You're adorable. I love I wish this was video because I want the listeners to know the amount of joy and sweetness on Catherine's face. It's just really, really a pleasure to look at. Ah thing. I mean, if you want to take the video of this and post the clip like totally fine to not it's a matter of editing. Totally, totally. Totally going. Yeah, I love I love doing EFT tapping on the fly, right? I do this with client for ascension. And I've done it like in workshop and I love like hearing from what people are actually like feeling to help them, you know, bridge that gap. Yeah, and it's funny, like, I tried to be like a music theory or like new words, but you wouldn't expect but it's like, that's what makes it light and fun and make you believe it even better. Yeah, yeah. And you know, I just want to echo that piece of making something that's really particular for the person in front of you, it makes all the difference. And it can make it hard even when you know that like a, you know, 1000s of people, if you create something in a chorus could benefit from it, it takes a tiny little bit of that the pleasure out of it for me in not getting to work one on one. And yet, you want to have a bigger impact. And you want more people to have access and have the resources. And so you know, and just know that even if it's not specific to you that you can still get so much resource from it. And so again, if you want to just say where people can find you, as well as where they can find that coupon code, if they want to get your course. And I also think that this course it sounds like could be beneficial, excuse me to non Volvo owners as well, because they'll get the education, they may not have 100% Yeah. So this this course multi-orgasmic was created with Volvo owners and women in mind. However, like if you have a partner that has a whole lot or is a woman like this absolutely can benefit you because then you will understand your partner flagger Layton that much better. And I think it really helps you open the door for communication because that's another thing we're really not taught about how to communicate our sexual desires and needs and boundaries. So you can find me I'm Lea on Facebook, and Instagram. And I am Catherine, Dr. Ballard, B A P H, E R I N E and D, Ry, n, dA, E, and then all of these links are in both of those bio but it's the And up door law, your pleasure path. Discount Code is laid open and you can pop it in first link in there. The multi orgasmic. Magic masterclass is free. And all my other links are listed in beautiful little Yeah, sure. So that's how you can get in contact. Beautiful. And the course is ongoing and it's paced. Yeah, in a completely, completely self paced, and I had wanted to do it over time, just the two videos, and like a PDF guide, which turning to wait a minute, the video content, and I have ideas of more things that I want to add in there more resources. So yeah, it's continuously growing. And with lifetime access. I mean, the base price is only $29. Anyway, amazing. Yeah. You can change your life like why not and anything that I add over time you get asked to do, regardless of when you purchase the course. That's beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much. That's great. Yeah. Anything else before we we sign off? No, I think I'm good. Yeah. Just realize that your fight here matters and wherever you are in your journey, like, no, it takes time, but it's a beautiful journey and give yourself permission to explore. Thank you. Thank you. Was that as good for you as it was for me? If it was, we'd love if you'd please rate and review it and share it with your friends so others can find us. If you have additional questions about living a vibrant life after trauma, you can submit them at charter Follow me at laid open podcast on Instagram and Facebook and read more about my work. Passionate You can also sign up for my newsletter to stay informed. This has been laid open podcast with your host Charna caselle. Please join us again next week. Until then, keep coming

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