Ascending Multiple Lifetimes with Sarah Strong

This week we welcome Sarah Strong. She is a star seed coach, divine feminine activation coach, medium empath, telepath, and psychic. She also channels star beings, beings from other dimensions, and many other beings of the light, including the ascended masters angels, and fairies.

Together we speak about how trauma can be a gateway to spiritual awakening, paranormal phenomenon, how trauma is associated with spiritual awakening and what can happen when you push a young person well beyond what they’re capable of handling, and how a reaction to that manifests in a variety of ways. 

She also guides us in a lovely meditation that’s sure to help you clear space as you start 2023.

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Sarah strong is a star seed coach Divine Feminine activation coach medium Empath, telepathic and psychic she channels the star beings beings from other dimensions and many other beings of the light including the Ascended Masters angels and fairies during a session she will also channel your spirit guide welcome Sarah life is about to start isn't it with honor deciders calm Thank you, John. It's such a pleasure to be here. I'm excited to see where this goes. Because you know, it can it can really go anywhere. Yeah. So I'm curious about what was your path towards discovering and developing these gifts and skills? Ooh, that's a really really beautiful question. The answer has come from past lifetimes. So my past lives I've lived in the stars. So I have been cleared in arcturion. Andromeda in Lyran. I can see you're getting chills. Like I love when, when you have a physical experience of what I'm saying, because that means I'm not foolish. It's like I hear you get it, you know. I mean, I was very much a skeptic before. I had a language for all of this before I actually could explain and have a language to explain how I felt because because even though I was this magical star being they call me a galactic mutt my guides told me a galactic map because I've had so many lifetimes from the stars. What I wanted to do was go around and collect all the, all the gifts from all of these other past slides. And like really know them and be extremely, like, really learned and really attuned to each of the gifts. So you know, Andromeda in they can tend to be they're very high, you know, very, very base in unconditional love. All of them are very based in unconditional love. But each of them has a different years. Some are more telepathic, some are stronger, psychically, some, you know, the mediumship is stronger. So I traveled through all of these different planets and dimensions to collect all these gifts. So that when I came through the portal, I've been through the portal on earth 1000s and 1000s. And 1000s of times, I think I went to see this lady, of which I didn't believe everything she told me some of it was total bullshit. But one thing she did say, that really like kind of blew me away was that I've been on earth 274,000 times or something like that. Wow. That's crazy. And I still like to come down here and like, fuck around. When you were when you're getting that reading from that person, I'm assuming it was a reading and hearing said some of it was total bullshit. Like, how did you receive the information? How did you know? Is it a feeling in your body? Was it a thought that the parts that were bullshit, but then there was the resonance with the school, she told me I could do certain things, which I know in the spirit that I'm not authorized to do, you know, like, override someone else's freewill that was based that that was the biggest like red flag to me that she was saying you can do this. And I'm like, No, I fucking can't. And I know that I would never do that because that's overriding someone's freewill. So that was like the vexation to the spirit that I knew was not in alignment. But yeah, so yeah, some of the stuff she was saying, like did resume and was just interesting. It's just me. I'm, you know, I know there's people out there that don't always tell the truth. And, you know, I like to have myself verify I'd like I'm a scientist at heart as well. So most of my life, I would try and get proof I would want truth before I would, you know, tell someone something or you know, like, explain who I am and what when I come, what I've come here to do, I wanted so much proof. I mean, I've, I've got all that proof. I have enough proof. But to come back to your question about you the journey. So a lot of that journey was done in past lives. And choosing to come to earth this time on this timeline was extremely important because it is the most important time in human history. And we created this so the Galactics with we seated earth, no earthlings, no people, no humans are actually human. They're all seated from the stars, which humanity that I'm reading Conversations with God, I don't know if you've read that book, but I'm on Book Three right now. And it's explaining the shift from how we used to be a matriarchal society fully run by women. And men, this is hilarious. Men were used for lifting heavy things and having sex. So men, because women didn't think men are intelligent enough. I've heard this. Like, we have more synapses between left and right brain hemispheres, this is this is physiological, right? And then we are known to be more emotional, and have more connection with each other with two women will talk way more deeply in a five minute conversation than two men will, you know, like that is fact there is facts around this, you know, so but I just read that today. And so talking about, you know, that shift, you know, that into this world, that is there's all these imbalances, you know, and so, hence why the Galactics really did the pause in 2020 in a very passive way, in a way that would be in service to humanities looking at itself. You know, finding itself, learning what it loves and what it hates, making the necessary shifts and changes. So the choice out of many, many galactic beings are highly awakened galactic beings chose to come here to help other people who are also have like dormant DNA in their bodies, to wake up and have a great awakening so that Earth can ascend. Earth has been in this mire for so long. It's like, very low vibrational, based on greed and hatred, and, you know, corruption and all of this crap. But so we wanted to have that influence. And you know, a lot of us chose to come here to support that energy and to hold space for humanity to ascend and for everyone to live a much higher vibrational, in a higher vibrational way. So yeah, my journey of collecting that was like in the stars, like, we're in Earth years, millions of Earth years. We don't count time, time. It doesn't exist in other dimensions. So for me, it's like being in the human ball feels like a log. In other dimensions, time does not exist. So it doesn't seem as long. And then coming through the portal. This time. My journey started, I had all the gifts realized and in my body, in most recent fast I did, at the moment of my conception, I saw the timeline. It was like a check. It was like, okay, yes, cool. This is the right one. I probably could have escaped at that point, if it wasn't, but you know, it was like a vision. Like they looked down the timeline, I saw the split in humanity, I saw 2020 happening. I didn't know how I didn't know through what device they were going to use. I just knew that they would be connected to what they're calling the vaccine or that kind of thing. Like I knew all of these things instantaneously on coming through the portal and my journey to finding a lot of starting to go through a similar journey. very tumultuous upbringings, you know, a lot of sexual trauma, a lot of mental trauma. I was traumatized mentally by my mom and my brother are very verbally abusive, and like emotionally abusive, I would say psychological abuse, lied to a lot and just had no real basis. Fundamentally, I had nothing like I'm going to the jinkies at the moment really interesting Richard rod or really, really amazing like we've got a coach, working with a coach during that at the moment which just kind of really illuminated you know, that first 21 years if you if you haven't had a secure upbringing, you go into the world as a Wounded Child posing as a An adult of which I am experienced. Very, very in my sights I came into the world at 21 Very wounded and and as an empath we suffer many people do suffer drug and alcohol addiction if you are coming from that tumultuous beginning, so went through that. And then out of that I stopped drinking drugging when I was 37. I was in recovery for eight years. And not long ago. It's just not part of my energy vibration any longer. And then I really started my spiritual journey. So I got led to a book called Crystal masters three through three by an Australian author, Alana, something and I started reading this book, it had a connection to the angel, the crystal and the master. And I get an initiation at the end of each chapter was an in meditation initiation to that energy field. So when I didn't get to Buddha, but I read like Mother Mary Jesus. Yogananda put them on one see Yogananda lady master nada, Kuan Yin, like, literally every single monster up from across the board. It was wasn't just Christina was like, it was just a spiritual book of all the masters. And up until that point, I really hadn't attributed. Like, I had no idea that all that the Masters chose me the book, I went to the store, this book weighed like, a ton of bricks in my hand, it I had a spiritual experience on my feet, like Sal, like they quoted to the floor. And it just tears just came out my eyes. And I was like, Oh, my God, it was like, it was so magical. And so the journey, they just started working through me, and attuning me to the vibration of the masters. And that's what I really started with. Then I moved to Miami and started working, they asked me to start working with people, about a year into my stay in Miami, and I started just do readings for, like, friends, maybe we did, like a, like a trade. So yeah, just started two trades. And then I, I formalized more of my training by getting a coach, and she taught me how to be a coach. So you, you've touched a little bit on this, of when you were speaking earlier, but one of the things that I found, and I actually wrote a paper on this in grad school, and there were so little information back then, and I'd be curious to see what there is now, but I have experienced trauma as a gateway to spiritual awakening. And that, you know, paranormal phenomenon and different things like that, that there's when you as a child are pushed beyond, you know, there's no resource. So it's kind of like the the fourth dimension, or other resources beyond what is considered consensual reality open to you. Because that's all there is, right? Like other humans in your life are not available to protect you or take care of you. And so in that space, you know, I've come to experience things that I thought as a kid, I thought, were learning about dissociation, I thought, Oh, I used to dissociate and then having mystical experiences and enter different kinds of energies landing in my space, realizing, Oh, this wasn't dissociation as a kid. This was actually I was really held. I was being held and protected. Whether I knew it or not. Yeah. Right. So I'm curious if you could say more, you were nodding as I was speaking, if, if this has been your experience, and what you see around this, there's just so much so so much, wow. So as a child, as a soul, firstly, we choose that path. So we've also chosen a host of guides that stay on the other side, to protect us while we're going through the fire. So, although as a child, even some children do experience connection to their guides, I absolutely know that and that's going to start happening more and more because there's no veil anymore. The veil is gone. There is no veil. We see still in the third dimension, but the veil is just there is no veil anymore, so they can have a much bigger influence in children's lives. Children coming here on the next level of vibration, whereas our generation, we didn't have that. So we went through the fire. Really, it was really rough. It was really rough, how we went through, but we designed that. So we also designed hugely powerful beings on the other side, that would just hold space for us as we shuffled through the trauma. And the fact that we went through that claw was so in service to the beings and the tribe that we've come here to serve, because they all chose the same path, in order to then so their drive and their drive and their tribe and so forth. Because we knew we were creating, like a mass energy from, firstly, from the trauma, but then from the deep healing, I was explaining to my partner, Jerry recently that without going to the depths of the darkest dark, inside of my life inside of my soul, I cannot experience the vibrance the absolute ultimate light. So that is that is a soul choice is a conscious choice. And, like, currently, now I choose to go there consciously with coaches, I go there, and I'll do that work. But I don't have to attract the situation in my life anymore. I just choose to go there consciously with proaches and to, to harvest it and to excavate it from the soul. And then you taught us the lessons in a more conscious way. So I absolutely agree with you. So Spirit wanted me to clarify something about spiritual awakening, there's a lot of trauma in spiritual awakening. So yes, also, the trauma of your life puts you in a place where it's just like, oh, I can't take this anymore. There's got to be something more. And it creates what Dr. Demartini, John Demartini explains, as a challenger, you had a full challenger in your life. Whereas if you have supporters in your life, you can just coast along and it's all great, but you're not going to do anything great with your life. Because you're just supported. And it's nice, and it's pretty, it's gonna take off and let's get a degree and just get an awesomely paying job. And we're about to do and you just float through life. And like, that's not everyone's path. The way that those of us who have come here to really make a difference, go through shit. Because you get more out of your soul. That way. It's more, there's more depth. But then you also called on your, the masters and your the people that you've traveled, I mean, the souls that you traveled with all you know, the past lives, who give you power, and support and love and light from the other side. And then oftentimes, like I had my grandfather die, before I was even born. So he was always on the other side, just just just anchoring me beholding me. And protecting me like always, yeah, but that that often happens is, they'll often be somebody on the other side that will help anchor history through the trauma, because you can you can die. Yeah, we do need all this purchase for Gene gal. There's a distinction that I would love if you could clarify, because my understanding is certain beings that could be on your, like your Power team or your support team, right, like Archangel Michael different Archangels. Right. But then there's also what I know less about, and someone made a distinction to me with me about this is a healing team. Right? Do you understand the distinction between the two? And if so, can you explain how we help how we choose or how they choose us? And how if we aren't aware of those, our either support team or our Healing Team, how we can get access to them. Wow, very interesting. Or actually need healing. We are perfect divine beings. We've just manifested in the human form. So in like the human might need some healing, right, which I truly believe that the human wants to connect with another human to hear that is essential. Yes, you can do a bunch of shit on the astral realm to help you heal. Absolutely. I pull in feeling all the time from that. But I do it through humor, just through a coach. That's why I came here. We came into the human experience to feel the brokenness. And I say the brokenness, not meaning that entire its its entirety. It's the separation from so we are all one we're all unified. We are all God. We are all loves. We just up here separated. And the separation is like there's a brokenness we have broken apart from From the source, we are separated from source, but we're not. It's an illusion, that's a divine dichotomy. We are separated from source. But we also have, you know, in the fourth dimension, we don't look separated in any other dimension. But the third, there is no separation. But the energy still is unified. It's just we came here to experience that. So it's kind of a construct of the ego to think that we need healing, which is totally normal. And totally, I totally understand where everyone is coming from in how they've set up a healing terminus, 14, we don't even have a support team, we have our people, we have our tribe, we have our crew, we are the same as them. Why support or healing, it kind of, it kind of indicates that we need something or that we're, you know, that we don't have all that we need with it, which I don't really, I believe we have every single thing we need within us, because all of our guides, God, all the angels, is all within us. It's just in a human construct. It's, it's, it's more difficult to believe that because we're, you know, because we can fuck up all the time when we make mistakes. And we have thinking that gets us you know, it's so dichotomous because we are 100% Human and 100% Divine. And that is such a conflict. With it with the ego reveal is just it can be extremely hard to navigate that. But that's, that's what this that's all about. That's what the work is all about. That's what you're looking at the shadow is all about. It's like going okay, cool happiness, figure out how to live, my most joyful, my most fulfilling life in this form, to complete this mission that I came here to complete. It's, it's like figuring all that out. And it's in that knowingness, that you're the same as your guide, you're the same as God, you're the same as the angels, you are the same vibration at a fundamental soul level, as all of these things. So let's stop thinking of yourself as separate. Stop thinking yourself as an unified feel into the unity of all things and know that you are of source and you've come from source. And there is no separation, just like third dimension looks like it currently. So it's like, it's kind of like going beyond and then coming, you know, anchoring that in the knowingness that there is only there is only love. And that's why a conversation on is It's groundbreaking. If people out there if you guys out there have not read that book, book, one, two, and three, read those books, they will change your life, they will change your perspective, they'll help you anchor into true truth. Like absolute truth. That very, very special. When when you're working with people, you're talking about doing Divine Feminine activation coaching, and, and and what can people expect from that experience? I mean, obviously, there's not a one size fits all, and everyone is in a different place on their path and what that means and what you know. But generally speaking, if you could give a range of examples of what what happens for people in that process, boom, amazing. Yeah, so we just completed a five week deep dive with awakening the divine feminine. And nothing I do is cookie cutter. So everyone comes and they bring their energy and they create a container. So I have plans, and there's questions and all sorts of things that we're going to do together. It's just everybody dictate exactly how it's gonna flow. And they feed into the containers. So what, what we do initially is, there's a lot of meditation. So we'll do a guided meditation, sometimes, the first thing that we do is a guided meditation. Sometimes it comes a little bit later in the session, but Spirit just guides always. And it's always super in alignment and in service to the people that are in the container. And so, what that does is it activates energy, energy points in the body, the chakra points. So we do we get a lot of blessings from the Galactics they come they come into those spaces they associate activation is also a very supported by neglect as well, like my crew, like, wherever I go, they are. Whenever we're going into a meditation, they're like, totally supporting it like for me, and then they give a lot of healing light and a lot of energy. They give a lot of energy and with the divine feminine, who we're working with. You know, Marianne Williamson does this set of deck of cards, the Divine Feminine cards, and so we're working with those cards and all of these like, like, deities and saints and all they're all coming in and just channeling in so much healing energy. So we do a lot of chakra activation. So we'll activate that whole chakra, all the chakras, open them up. So you're vibrating at a higher vibrational level, you're in your feminine, the feminine is magnetic, she is full. She is all knowing, you know, so she helps you clear. So what we also do is we clear the blocks, what's getting in the way of your feeling, because that's the main reason is that you're not filling in divine feminine is that there's something in the way it's that it's not that she's not there. She's in everyone, she's in men and women. And same same with a divine masculine who's in men and women, it's just really clearing the blocks to create the flow again. Because the mind blocks it, you can have a body can block it. old ideas definitely block it sexual trauma can block out like all sorts of things can can block this flow. So we get into that we get into body image, how do you feel about yourself? What do you think about yourself? How do you adorn yourself in the sessions, I encourage everyone to dress it as a different form or version of your goddess each session. So you're like learning about the different expressions of the goddess of how you want to show up for yourself. And so yes, we clear a lot of those blocks. And I can tell you, the ladies that that came to this session, one of them was feeling completely no libido, hadn't for a year. And within, like, immediately after the first sessions she did she got calls from ex levels to ex lovers. You know it because it what it did is NIMS out signals into the collective consciousness that I'm open again, that I'm an active again, I'm here I'm back. It switches, it switches on from the inside. And it's, it's, it's nonsexual healing like the divine sin inside. And it can it can be sexual, like I'm not afraid of doing that. Like, eventually I would love to I'm very sensual person. And that's part of I work with a tantric energy, which I don't I haven't called it that yet. Because there is taboos around it. Some people are scared of that their goal is going to be a sexual workshop. And I'm like, No, it's not. I don't call it tantric yet. But I do work with a tantric energy and it is Tantra. What we're doing is Tantra complete sacred union was your sexual and sensual self. That is that was the main purpose of creating this container. It was reconnecting to your sensual and sexual self. And so we talked a lot about masturbation and completely free self pleasure. Like, it's crazy how many women are guilty when they believe in themselves? Or feel like, this is not okay, you know, from religious, yeah, you know, connections and all sorts of things like not okay to touch yourself or pleasuring himself. And so we clear those blocks and got into that as well. So, and I'm extremely unapologetically myself, you know, and that gives people permission to be that way. Yeah. Along those lines, what is sexual freedom to you? Good question. Could be essential, could be erotic, whatever word resonates for you. So what's coming up first is total acceptance of the body. Number one to me, and as I am getting older, and I looked at my body this morning, and I'm like, Oh, I saw some cellulite there. And then I'm like, Hey, but I love myself. So over the love, will love to cellulite. Because when I'm expressing sexually I don't want to think about any part that I won't love. I just want to seal I want to feel sensual. So sensual, sexual freedom, for me, is there's different forms. So there's this, there's that sexual freedom that I share with my father, which is a different sexual freedom of being able to talk about everything, talk about my kinks, talk about everything that I desire, even though I may not do it all things that I made that may have turned me on in the past that maybe no longer turn me on anymore, but I want to talk about it. I want to have an outlet. So I love I love talking. I love being expressive. When I during the act, and outside the act, it's a huge turn on for me to just express. Maybe it's a fantasy, maybe it's something a fantasy that I will do that I won't do. Whatever I just love to be able to express this as a huge, huge part of sexual expression is just top Think about it. It's not even touching. So that to me is massive. I love open communication around those topics. Here's Vickery. So that's another story. It's another level. So physically being free. Well, so in the past sexually free, I was open minded for a very long time, I would, I would, I would have multiple partners. I most times I was in partnership, we always had extra sexual partners. And that was how I lived. I don't agree with that anymore. That is not, that is not freedom. For me, that was an escape. Let's say that's an escape for everyone. Because there's a lot of joy in having multiple partners. And being truly, you know, polyamorous is it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. And I know, I've seen I see a lot of relationships really worked in that way. A lot don't. But I've seen a lot that do. So for me, freedom is in monogamy. Yeah. Well, what what you're saying is so important, because first of all, are what works for us what we consider freedom, what we what we desire evolves and changes. And then also making that distinction of like, what is free for someone else, versus for us, and always being at choice, right, and being fluid enough to listen to our evolution and what wants to occur next, we're going to search or it's just finding that that the shifts, allowing, like allowing the shifts to happen, and then letting it happen, because that is where society has got stuck. Is is going I know I want something else. But I just can't, or I just don't I just, there's just too much in the way of deciding something, you know, and most recently, in my life, I just had a new iteration of myself has just come in, and I just dropped literally almost everything that I was doing, shut out of my business, turn out a personal turn out of, you know, like expectations of on my energy. And it's like, when you can give yourself permission to say no, and just change everything. You have true continual expansion and transformation, sexually, to do that, to allow that is so powerful, I can talk from my own experience, which is just it's mind blowing. So to really give yourself permission to shift into new energy, and not being governed by things from the past that you felt safe in, that aren't exactly simply safe. They're just a construct. It's just a construct. Yeah, one of the way that I think about it is we have all these things that we identify with, right? All these identities, these hats that we wear are ways that we think we have to be in order to be safe or connected. Yeah. And what you're suggesting is if you step outside of and you allow all of those constructs all those identities to die, or to step out of them, that's, you know, that's where freedom lives. Sure is for you release yourself to the unknown. And in the unknown is where true magic happens? Well, hopefully, we've all spent a lot of time thinking about this over the last few years, but we have been forced to be in the unknown. Right, right. And so inside of that people have made a lot of hard decisions, and also some very liberating decisions, you know, like, I gave up both of my offices and ended up buying a house. And, you know, working from home and making these big changes that, that I didn't have the courage, or I couldn't even imagine how to make it happen previously. And then suddenly, you know, like, stepping away from and letting go of a business collective and letting go of my identity as someone who has to, you know, an office in San Francisco and an office in Berkeley and a connection to San Francisco and then being like, Oh, actually, I want to gurgi more than I want those things. Yeah. Yeah, identity is something that's been coming up very strongly with the work that I do as well. Like, like a change of perspective, a dis identification. I know that's not a word, but Spirit just has me say this word. Why often dis identify, come away from the identification of whomever you might have created to this point in your life, and to understand who you really are, without the identification without the musts without the that the ideas are. Look at your most authentic most royal level, who are you? Yeah. Well, it's an interesting, I'm thinking, that has me think about your relationship to Saks, that you were speaking about previously. And like going, yeah, there was a time in my life where I had multiple partners and, and, you know, one person might look from the outside and go, Wow, you're really sexually self expressed. And in, and for one person, that could actually be a distraction. Yeah, and a way of avoiding yourself and not connecting to yourself. And for someone else, that's liberatory. And they were raised, as you know, Catholic, and this is them, really embracing and getting to know who they are and what they like, it was the formula for me, it wasn't a fourth version on this game, it was a channel that I could hide you. Because as soon as I fell in love truly, with Jerry and my men now, there was a catalyst that happened on my birthday really made me realize that I truly loved him to my, to the core of my soul. And it changed everything. Nothing else mattered, like nothing else. It was just like, it was like this near death, he had a near death experience. Well, wasn't that it looked like that to me. And I was just like, I just realized that did not want anything to happen to him. And it changed everything. It just switched everything around. And I knew that I didn't want to the way how deep we were going inside of the relationship emotionally, sexually, physically. And mentally. I didn't have any thing else to share with anyone else. I don't, I don't like like, where we go within each other within the relationship. That is all I want to handle. That's where I want all of my affection, my attention, my awareness to be, I don't want it to be anywhere else. It's, it's just so pure, that and I'm more vulnerable than I've ever been. And that was what I was missing before. I couldn't admit my own vulnerability, because I'm so scared, of loss on being judged thing abandoned, all of those things that have happened, they happened I manifested all of them in the fast, whereas the deepening happens in vulnerability. Right. Right, and the wrongness. And then in, you know, I'm curious about this. And I know very little about this stuff. But I've been told things and from lots of different sources, and I was talking to a friend who actually does research around like communicating with extraterrestrials. And and he was talking to me about how certain people are we all have come here to do emotional research in human form, to learn what emotions are and to experience the range of emotions. And then it has me just get really curious about how some people like I would say, I'm one of those people came in. Deeply empathic, right? And then it's so funny how some people they think, don't empathize. They can't empathize. And it's like, sometimes you can learn you can teach some, but a lot of it you can't. And can you speak to that? Yes, for sure. Just Spirit just kind of wants to make the distinction between being an empath. Yeah, like having empathy. So that completely Yeah, that completely isolated, they are not that you don't have to have him be an empath to have empathy. Right. But you do have to be an empath to feel the energies of other people, which it's somebody with empathy may not have, right? So that that is so it's so interesting that you talk about that, because definitely the range of emotion, there is only one place to feel. And it's Earth is the third dimension of existence, where earth resides. You cannot feel like experience any of the senses anywhere else in our reality, hmm. And it's a very, very, very powerful place. Because not only can we feel but we can shift. So once you can feel something, you can then shift that energy. And in those shifts, you make those shifts in your soul. So when you ascend or die, those shifts remain in your soul. That hence why coming here and feeling like we don't mind if we're really really, really sad, or really, really, really happy or Anywhere in between the spectrum at a soul level, because that's what we came here to experience. Exactly. You know, like, research is like, it's just curious for highly awakened beings that come here, they want to experience all of this, and then show humans how to not take it so seriously, because it's a fucking illusion. And it's just, it's just a game, it's just a ride. This is not serious. This is play. at us. From a soul perspective, this is all play. It's just the world wants to take themselves so seriously, and involve greed and money, and all of these things, obviously, that are necessary at this level of evolution. But it's one of the most archaic civilizations. Yeah, absolutely. Currently, it's the most archaic civilizations. And so then what do you what do you think about? I mean, we have, there's so much language, it gets batted around. And of course, having a president who is a narcissist definitely had us come into more understanding around what narcissism is. And then you look at somebody like Putin, what do you make of that range, and the roles that they play? Are they functioning as the shadow to help us become more conscious of feeling. So what I've just read in conversation, God talks about all of the emotions, like fear, love, shame. All the natural emotions that once experienced and allowed to be fully expressed, are completely natural emotions. But all of those emotions, in our current paradigm get suppressed. And anger comes out as rage. And love comes out as possessiveness. So all of all of these different emotions wants suppress comes out in very unnatural emotions. And that is this current state of some people's entire psyche, is just complete repression. Therefore, you know, VR comes out as control, there's all these things that like suppressed fear comes out as like control, because, you know, they weren't allowed to just feel fear as a kid. So, I believe I know narcissism is a real thing, when you think you're at the center of the universe. Yes, that's a real thing. Yes, we've decided to call it that. Can I have moments of narcissistic behavior? Of course, am I highly spiritually aware and awake? Yeah. But I can think that I'm center of universe sometimes. It's just the human condition. And so yes, have they come to be an example of an extreme, I totally believe that these beings that want to try and run countries, they are in a huge extreme of power, expressed of imbalance. They're mentally unbalanced. You know, they're not making decisions consciously, that will have an uplifting effect for the masses. Right? They are the dark side. Well, and and just thinking again, about this continuum of have no empathy, no capacity to empathize and realize the impact you're having on Yeah, you know, on the collective, and then sliding the slider all the way over here. And you know, and so we, you know, the, what is the value, like, as you're thinking that it's about incarnation, and how many times they've come here, or so what happens in all timelines is people volunteer, or stones or volunteer to come be the bad guy, or, you know, what we perceive as the back? There's always those roles, or not always, in this timeline, there's been those roles, for millennia of which we are changing this, this current structure of the world is about to shift, and no one will recognize it. How long how long given that, things can happen like that, you know, what, what's the the length of time that that looks like? It'll take what they're telling me is 20 years, which is not very long. Yeah. Why in a generation? Yeah, in in our generation, we will see that shift. It's already starting. They're already coming out in the news and saying, people are waking up. I heard this in a news reel, that people are not going to listen anymore because they were lied to and they No, they were lied to. And now they're revolting, because they don't believe the government's anymore. People don't believe the government. This is the number one place of the government. That's perfect thing that they did tell people one thing, then everyone bought the program. And it didn't work. And then they know they're lied to. And they're like, so what are you asking me to do? I've seen friends family die from things that government have told them to do. There's so much loss of trust. And then it's like, and then society is like, okay, cool. Well, what the fuck are we left with? If we don't have a government, it's like yourself, and your own inner path and adjoining communities. And then people power. This is where we go. This is where we band together, create community. This is where the power is when we unify the energy. That's why there was so much segregate and try to keep people out in their own houses and like keeping it up, I don't lead groups of more than six together even after like last, like in the last year, they tried to keep us apart. Because we're ascending. And as we ascend, the more people that gather together, the more powerful we affect if we have a common intention. So say we get together or 1000 people meditate together, we have a huge effect on the purchases. When 10,000 When 10% of our society has a common goal of peace. That's all we need. Well, on the reality that everything is so digitized now, and there are so many people coming in meditating together, and, you know, courses and things that are available. I mean, the fact that I know you're, you're in Phoenix, is that where you? Okay? You're not You're not in Australia. You're someplace. No, but I have had conversations with people in Turkey and Australia and you know, different places. And it's remarkable to me, you know, how easy it is to come together? Yes. Yeah, exactly. And then also like on the the, to 20 to 22 portal. At two o'clock, there was this message that I got for us all, no matter what your timezone is just stop and meditate in that moment and for world peace. And so I stopped there and meditated for 22 minutes. Yeah. The, the part of me that loves palindromes was really thrilled that day. Like, I hope someone is wearing a tutu right now. That would have done in Key West, because they do to to Tuesday, do they? For my 22nd birthday. I had a two to party. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm curious to know, you know, in terms of the work that you're doing, and you were saying, like I you know, this is the most significant time in Earth's history, or evolution, what do you see? Like, what, what do you if you could if you could have one impact on the people that you're working with? Or just through your presence alone and existing here? What would that be? What's the thing that you care deeply about? For people to become spiritually awakened? And then not just that, like, total transformation inap. Actually, I'm working on somebody at the moment, that will be a DIY on my website, too. Add a download or just experience from the website. It'll have a small cost. Because I people are more spiritually vested or even just anything bested with that, spend a little bit of cash on it, right? That goes into answering you how you can except that where you are is exactly where you're supposed to be. And what will it take for you to fully commit to that, knowing you don't need to do anything or be anything or think anything or trying to change yourself in any way that you will absolutely perfect exactly where you are. I'm doing a program around that. Just it's got to be like 20 or 30 minutes to dry that that will really bring the energy within. It's talking to my star family as well. Like just knowing that every single he's all the wisdom that anyone needs is within them. Yeah. There's nothing you need is outside of yourself. So that is the gift that I am about to do. Have people know that you are an expression of God and you do not need to go anywhere? To Know yourself? Just really? Yeah. Yeah. And yet there's this it's a bit of a paradox because then there versus Pisa, especially when you're healing from trauma that we, you know, sometimes there's the necessity of external guides for support. And you're talking about the relational piece rather than, you know, you were saying earlier, like, but external? Yeah, they're in your heart. Yeah, they reside inside inside your soul. So, yes, absolutely, it feels like it's an academy, you feel like, you need something that's not you, but it's you. You feel like you're calling on God, or Jesus or Mary that feels like an external energy or being added to you. All you and yes, actually, what else came up when you just said that? It's about dealing with trauma, sometimes going within is the most difficult, most intensely painful thing that you can do. And if that is the case, work with someone, do not go there alone. Get help. Whatever it is, if it's addiction, there's go to the anonymous programs if it's you know, sexual, you, there's more anonymous programs or a therapist or coaches or just don't like if there's fear, to go within a loan, don't don't go and get well, because if you go there and it's too traumatic, it's too discombobulating for the for the nervous system, you won't get anywhere and then what the ego likes to tell you is just don't just don't do it. And that is going to be more destructive for your for getting to your spiritual awakening and the full transformation that every single soul here is desiring, even if you don't know Yeah, on a soul level, that is what you have come here for is transformation and a spiritual awakening. So the ego will try and try and tell you all sorts of different things. But there are so many beautiful beings out there that can help. Yeah. And I would love if you would be willing to lead us in a meditation or some kind of exercise that you feel will benefit people in that process of, you know, self acceptance, because that's what I hear that DIY program on your website will be it's really about an embracing and accepting of who you are, and recognizing what you have inside. And so whatever you feel would be beneficial. I would love if you could lead us. Sure, I'd love to thank you. Let's just now close our eyes, gently close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath in. Hold it at the top, then a breath out and hold it at the bottom. Do one more of those. Breathe in hold it at the top and then hold a poem. Just imagine your body bathed in a beautiful golden light and you're sitting inside a beautiful purple bubble. You are safe. You are happy. You are totally relaxed and at peace. Continue to take deep breaths in and now as we just feel the unification of the energy know that you are one with the universe expressed as the beautiful person that you are connected to source through your heartlight within. Take a deep breath in and out. Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand over your left hand allowing all of your mental energy to drop down into your heart center. In your heart you find a diamond within this diamond may be shining. It may not. What you're going to do is you're going to prove your intentions and your love and compassion and kindness and grace is going to get out the cloth of compassion and shine your diamond in your heart. As you shine that you can see your face in the faces of this time. We can see your inner with When you can see the guides that you have chosen to travel with you, you can see that you have every single thing inside of you that you need. All you need to do sometimes is a little bit of work, to shine off the DeBary of life to see your theory and your inner wisdom and your inner guide. Take a deep breath in. And now know that all that you will ever need is in your heart. The energy of your heart is where all your wisdom lives. All your knowingness all the energy you need to live your life. God Jesus, all of your guides, the angels, the Ascended Masters, they're all with it within you inside of you. Just relax now into that nice into that present room allowing any thoughts to gently dissolve into the air around you. Now just relax your hands down on your knees enjoying your thumb and index finger and just feel what trust feels like. You trust yourself to be the master creator of your own existence. You have masterfully come to this point in your life. making the right choices even if you felt they were wrong they were right. There they are what you wanted to do at a soul level what you desire to do at a soul level to get you right where you are today. You are a divine expression of God and you deserve every single piece of perfection that you can create and manifest feel the trust you trust yourself. You trust all of those around you. You trust the divine power you trust the universe to provide the you are completely relaxed in this true allow any doubts. Any old pattern energy to just slowly melt away from your soul like now allow it to just get filtered down into Mother Earth energy. Then completely cleansed from your system. You are 100% Divine and 100% human then you deserve to live the most highest vibrational existence that you can water law. Take a deep breath in and out as you come out of this meditation, find a pen and paper and write out all of the things that you would like to manifest in your life. To start living in your sleep energy. Take a deep breath in again and out. Open your eyes come into this present moment and know that you are one with source. Thank you. So is there anything else that you want to share? Or how can how can listeners find you thank you for the opportunity to share that meditation. So I have a website. It's my name Sara's Sarah J strong.com. That's S A R A H Jay for Juliet, s t r o n g.com. If you would like to book a session, or jump on my meditation group, go to forward slash offerings. And I would love to hear from you, you can send me a message through my website. I'm also on Facebook and Instagram, Instagram is Sarah, underscore the underscore strong, feel free to send me a private message through there, I'd love to say hi, and connect. And Facebook is Sarah Strobel. So it's been an absolute pleasure to be here. Thank you for your amazing questions, Shana really, really was very magical. Thank you. Thank you so much. I look forward to connecting at some later date. Yes, likewise. I hope you found that meditation to be resonant, deepening self trust and being reminded periodically I have everything I need inside of me is essential. So thank you, Sarah, for that. For many of you, we may have covered some subject matter today that is new. And hopefully you can take what is useful and leave the rest as well as get curious about anything that may have felt counterintuitive and outside the box for you. In order to support the podcast I've started a Patreon where I will release exclusive content that you won't be able to find anywhere else online. I'll be offering meditations more in depth exercises that relate to specific episodes and recent behind the scenes info about the interviews and my personal life. All of that and more is available@www.patreon.com backslash l AIDOPEN. P O D C A S T. You can go there to learn more about how you can support our community. Thanks so much. Okay this has been laid open podcast with your host Charna cosell Please join us again next week. If this show feels beneficial, we'd love if you would please rate and review it and share it with your friends so others can find us. If you have additional questions around sex and trauma. You can submit them at Charna caselle.com. Follow me at late open podcast on Instagram and Facebook and read more about my work at passionate life.org Until next time, may this podcast connect you to new resources and empower you to heal yourself. Much love

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