The Power of the Humble Coach with Anton Wisbiski

After a decade of seeking, life coach Anton Wisbski found himself guiding small groups of friends through breathwork practices. Soon, a coaching career followed. A disinterested student growing up, Anton followed an entrepreneurial path and started his own successful social media business. After working closely with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bob Proctor, and Tony Robbins–among other seminal teachers– Anton felt he was saturated in the wisdom needed to manifest and create the life of your dreams. In doing this, he healed his own chorionic anxiety and depression. 

However, much of his own self-work and growth was instigated by using break-ups as a repeated opportunity for self-reflection, change, accountability, and learning. This taught him the value of vulnerability versus positioning himself as the victim and attacking and blaming others.

We talk about acknowledging how disappointing mentors can be when their personal lives or actions aren’t always in alignment with what they preach. Additionally, we discuss how to remain humble and avoid the pitfalls of public visibility and power. Anton leads a powerful guided meditation you won’t want to miss.

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It's been so long. Oh my gosh. So I have to do a little flashback for our listening audience to when I met you. So 2018 Dr. Joe Dispenza. Retreat. And you were sitting next to me. When I got handed what in the Dr. Joe community this special coin, like, you know, little little token that is a sign that you're gonna get picked to be the person who receives a healing during the last day of the retreat. And you were you were the person that I was sitting next to when I received that. And I just remember being so overcome with like, I healed myself yesterday, I don't need this. Somebody else needs this. I was like crying and I was like in awe. And said, What was your What was your experience? Where were you? Where were you at? I'm curious in that moment what your experience was, but like, where you were coming from as you enter that retreat and where you were as you left the retreat? I mean, first of all, that was a beautiful experience you had I remember that vividly. And if I'm not mistaken, you You gave it to somebody, right? No, I did keep it but I weren't sure like I could. Maybe I'm just contemplating it. I was I was and I but I was like okay, so this is happening for some kind of reason. But I had received the most profound experience while doing healings on other people the two previous days. And so I was like, I'm done. I'm set, but I'm curious why I'm receiving this. Like, what's what's happening here? And maybe I should have given it to somebody but you know, no, yeah. It could have woulda. Yeah, so what what where are you? Where were you at then? Oh, man. Well, that was my first Dr. Joe retreat ever. And I didn't know what was about to happen after that ended. I don't even think you know this. But long story short, actually manifested going to that retreat for $0. flight, hotel, event ticket, everything excetera. Because Long story short, I volunteered for my movies, which you're aware of what mine movies is. And it was this weird chain of events that made me meet this guy, Mike, who made me connect with Glen Ledwell, who's the owner of my movies, who made me connect with his ex wife, Natalie, who's also the other owner, and just this crazy chain of events happened for me to land at that retreat. Awesome. And about six months earlier, I had my first mystical experience. And to make the long story short, I had thought my girlfriend at the time was cheating on me. And there was all these weird things that happened that made me come to that realization and long story short, you know, to not amplify the whole story because it's a long story but to fast forward. Essentially what ended up happening was I was in my apartment, I was losing my mind because I was having all this trauma come up all this rage come up because I felt this girl was cheating on me. And I had this really surreal moment where I felt like I was my father. And that scared the shit out of me because I loved my dad to death. But he had a serious rage problem when I was growing up. And I witnessed that with him and my mother. And for the first time in my life, I actually turned to the universe God for help. And I said, like God universe, I wouldn't say I was religious or more spiritual, but I was just, I knew there was something but I never really had a direct connection with it. And I like got on my knees and prayed, because I was worried that when she came over, I was gonna hurt her, not not physically, but verbally, I was scared myself. And long story short, I, I sat down and prayed. And, you know, next thing I know, she gets to my house, what took place after changed the course of my whole life, I started talking to her and I started venting. And I started, like, you know, started by blaming her for how I felt, then the awareness went from her to me. And realizing, like I was saying things like, oh, you know, you know, my pain, you know, this and that you're using it against me to like, corroding it to being like, you know, I'm just really scared, I was being vulnerable. And after that, I just felt this energy, like, move through the top of my head and bathe me. And like, what felt like divine light. And I had never, ever, ever, ever, ever had something like that I wasn't that type of person. And all I knew was that, like, I was healing in that moment. And I felt so much love that I just didn't care. And so much of me like, got put into order. It felt like that day, it turns out, she wasn't cheating on me. It was a total lens of fear from my past. And about six months after that is when I was at that retreat. And I found Dr. Joe, because of that experience, I started like researching and looking into like what that was because I didn't know. So yeah, so I found myself at that Dr. Joe event, you know, I was still working through a lot of stuff. And just really trying to overcome my past. And like, I knew I had trauma, I didn't really know how to deal with it. And you know, that thing with the girlfriend was a big first step. There was a few other things that led up to me coming to Joe, I've been a seeker my whole life, but I never really got honest enough with myself to really uncover those layers. So yeah, I found myself at Dr. Joe. And long story short while I was there, about the fifth day, I was like, I need to be a part of this because I believed in his work so much. And by a chain of weird synchronicities yet again, at the last day of the event, I found myself eating dinner with him. And long story short, we ended up working with each other for three years. And we had a great run. And that was my first event, but not like last night and stuff going to about 25 After so I had a pretty big transformation myself in that time. It was quite amazing. So it was it was a huge domino in my path. Absolutely. You got saturated. And also just so in case people don't know that we're talking about Dr. Joe Dispenza, di s. P e. NZEI, is somebody who often attracts a lot of people that have have have a history of health, you know, health issues, or chronic or urgent things that they're wanting resolution around. And so that is what had me find him. And there are a lot of people that come to him for other reasons as well. But you know, he's someone who regenerated his own vertebra, yeah, nine vertebrae in his back. And so his story is pretty compelling. And one to check into. But so you know, I was watching a video of yours on YouTube, I think you may have posted it even today. And you're, you're like a little Joe mini me in certain ways. And I'm curious, like, I know that you've had other teachers. Yeah, yeah. And so I'm curious who you who you pull from, and who you've brought together to integrate in in terms of what you do, and I want to help we'll get more into what you offer, but I'm curious who your influence has been. Oh, man. I mean, Dr. Joe has been a huge one. I don't I don't like to label the order because they all yeah, my teachers came at different points of relevance for me the first one and a massive one is Bob Proctor. He was monumental for my life. And I got away from his work for a while, but I found my way back to his work because I understand it in a different way now than I would when I was younger. So I found out about Bob when I was 16. Right Michael Beckwith has has had a pretty big influence on my life. Tony Robbins massive Robin Sharma huge and I mean, there's So, so many, but those are probably really the the main four. There's also some kind of unknown ones under the radar who are just mistakes in life, but they're not public figures. So, yeah, yeah, I think it's really it's a very valuable thing to acknowledge our lineages and the people that and kind of like giving credit where credit is due in terms of where we've learned things from and really honoring them. And so what's his face? What's his face, Bob Proctor. Now? Why am I blanking on his name right now? What's his realm? What's breath? breathwork? What Wim Hof? Yeah. Wim Hof. Thank you. Oh, yeah, he's another one. Yeah. Wim Hof. I've spent some personal time with Wim stayed at his house for weeks years ago and got to go deep with him. Yeah. Wim Hof. He's because a big part of your work is is doing breath work. Yeah. Yes, but not Wim Hof breathing. But yes, there's, there's an element of, of breath work for sure. And so, at a certain point, you know, you're you're identifying as a seeker, and you're integrating all these different pieces at different times in your life. And that a certain point, if you started to combine different things and different teachings, and then start to offer this to your own audience? Yeah, for sure. And what was that moment? What what was shifting in you that suddenly had you go, this is something that I really want to offer other people. I was always doing it. Like, you know, for example, like when I, when I found out about Bob Proctor, when I was 16. He had this paradigm shift meditation on YouTube is 12 minutes or 20 minutes, I did it every single day. And I would just bring around my friends, like, let's do this together. So we do what my friends do with girlfriends, like whoever I was around, I'd be I'd be rubbing it off on them, just because I was so passionate and you know, saw what it was doing for my life. Yeah. And that came through, like, all like, you know, when I would go to Bob Proctor events, I would have to bring somebody the next time around. Or when I'd go see, you know, Jack Canfield, I'd have to bring somebody I just loved what it was doing for me. And I just naturally shared it. And then it just started getting, I guess, more like, turning into like, almost like a life coaching without really knowing, but like, just helping my friends in ways. I just knew how, like everyone always said, Gosh, you give such good advice. So just like it really has been happening ever since I was a kid. When I first watched the secret. I literally, like like a little kid on Christmas morning went around to all my friends. It was just like, This is the secret to reality, like, this is how we get become successful. And they're like, Dude, you're crazy. And then like, a year later, I had like some crazy results. They're like, Oh, man, maybe this dude's onto something. So it's happened very, very organically from the time I was 16. And then, you know, I started doing like these these different meditations at, like my house in California at the time, and just like, doing these body scans with people, and I just really enjoyed it. Like I wasn't making money from it, it was just something I genuinely enjoyed. I put on some, you know, ohms and just like guide people through it and, and then I was like, Alright, I really want to hone in on this. And that's, that's kind of around the time where I went with Wim Hof. But it was definitely a little bit before. And I started doing ice baths at my house. And it was just like this very, very organic thing. And then one day, one of my friends was like, hey, I want you to guide me and my friends through a meditation. It was like a big group. It was like a bunch of athletes. And I was like, okay, like that. So that was around 2019. And that just was huge for me, because I saw the result of like, the power of a group. And then I was like, oh, man, I got something here. And then I really went deep into into stepping into that. Yeah. And And was it a was it a whole team? Was it you said their athletes? Were they their own team? Because that would be a really interesting thing. I mean, I imagine like a real bonding experience in the group. Yeah, they were a whole team. Yeah, it wasn't like professional athletes, but they were doing a nonprofit and raising money. I can't quite remember what for, but it was something for like liberation of like inner city children to help them like I can't fully fully remember what it was. But they were like, going into like places like Skid Row and like, bringing a lot of love. So they just had felt I was aligned with them and they were just a beautiful group and they were crying and it was He's awesome. Amazing. This is what life's about. Yeah. So you're helping people that may stereotypically be less willing to be vulnerable and restricted to their feelings and your body and my work today. Oh Ha, yeah. So what's who is your audience that when you when you say that there's a wide variety in my audience, you know, I have people as young as 19, at my last retreat, and as old as 73, solid, right? Yeah, yeah. But typically, outside of age, it's really for the person who's seeking more out of life, you know, maybe they want to have more success. Maybe they're having issues with the relationship. Maybe they are successful, but they're not happy. That's another big one I deal with. And it's just really for, I think, just a seeker in general, I think my approach is very grounded and practical. So I'm not very like woowoo in nature. That's, that's not really what I'm about. So I think people see me and they realize, like, I'm just a normal person, like, I don't try to wear this mask of like, I have it all figured out, because I definitely don't. And I think they just gravitate to that. A lot of people I found it's really two distinct types of people. The person who's like, the retreat veteran, they've been to five Dr. Joe events, they've been to Tony Robbins, they've been to this, they've been to that. And then they find me and they love it. And then there's the other person who's never been to anything under first exposure. So it's fun. It's cool to have that like very kind of black and white dynamic. Yeah, terms of age, I couldn't quite pinpoint it quite yet. But there's something that you're offering a total beginner, as well, as you're saying, like a veteran, or you know, retreat. Attendee? What do you feel like you're doing differently? Like to somebody who has been to 10, Dr. Joe retreats, and there's still something that that hasn't shifted for them? What do you feel like you're doing that could open something in them? You know, I've had so many people that go to a Dr. Joe retreat. And then right after his NS mind starting this last one, actually, I did in August, in Detroit, Michigan. And, you know, on day one, they had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. And they were trying to work with that breath through Dr. Jones the whole week, and they couldn't hit it. And I don't even do that. For us. It's, I think, I don't know what it quite is. You know, what I think it might be that people have told me they feel very safe with me. They feel very just, like, I'm very vulnerable. I tell like, very deep personal stories at my events, like about like, shit ways, I fucked up in my past relationships, like issues I had with my father growing up, like, issues with my own masculinity. So maybe it's not so much the work, per se, although I know it is. I know, there's an element of that, like the techniques and different things that I do. But I really think maybe it's the, the energy I bring to it. And my approach, like, I come as I come, I'm not perfect, but I bring like a very strong power. But I'm also very tapped into my feminine as well, where I can like feel the group and I kind of change on a dime, quite often based off what I'm feeling. So maybe I just set up the space in such a way where people really feel safe just to let go and relax. So yeah, I think that'd be it. Presence is is a huge component. I don't think it's about techniques. I think presence is a is a massive piece of things. Have. Yeah, I think so too. I think so too. And I always before getting into this, I was very, like I had some like very clear parameters with myself before I was going to be a teacher or guide, like in terms of like turning it into a business or these things because I have seen so many of my teachers kind of lose their head to the fame or, you know, it's kind of sad and everyone's human, we can't fully relate until we're on that level. So but from the outside looking at, it can be really intense for like somebody who you're looking at as your hero and they're just being very unconscious, though, for me, I was very intentional about like, really working on myself before stepping into this. And I really think that probably shines through at at the events in a big way. And hopefully it speaks through my content and stuff because I just really like I look at everything as a reflection of me. So I work harder on myself than anything else. And then I just bring my full self with my higher self in those moments and think people can can there's this like collective energy Do that forms in the groups, it's the most beautiful thing. We call it soul tribe. Because yeah, like chosen family in a sense, it's very deep for me. One of the beautiful things as you were telling the story about your first mystical experience, right, is the accountability piece, like you said, you started to you are in this, this, this track of doing probably what was modeled for you, with your dad, where you're blaming, there's like this attacking and blaming out of a place of powerlessness and fear. And then you were able something like this energy came through you, who knows, you know, the order of things, but, but you were able to then soften, be vulnerable, you know, come from a place of love and come from a place of accountability. And for me, accountability is my spirituality. I mean, it's a really essential, it's like, acknowledging how my spirit impacts other people and how their spirit impacts me. And being of service, you know, it's like a like that, I hear that there's a real drive and desire to assist other people, right? It's like coming from a place of like, wow, this has made a difference for me. I'm like, so excited to share this with you. Yes, yeah. I would agree. Yeah, I, I really do try to be as accountable as I possibly can. And I'm still young, and I'm still learning and like, you know, going through a really hard breakup, like, I literally, like, felt like, I sabotage my relationship with a woman I thought, like, I'm gonna marry her. And this was before I stepped into this, and not really, really like, like, as a like, it made me like a man, it really did. And I'm still growing in that masculinity, but like, accountability is like, and she helped me so much with that, because she could just see through bullshit. And that was, you know, that just, it made me grow up. It really did. And I think a lot of men, you know, this industry is heavily dominated by men. And I think a lot of them are just scared little kids inside, to be honest. And I think a lot of successful people are that not to say, I'm better on this on that. It's just more of like, I've been in the path of those people. And it was very painful for me. So well, my biggest pain that I've had to overcome. So I really made it a mission for me to like, have my shin ordered, possibly can and to never think I arrived somewhere good. Like, it's a lifelong journey for me. So accountability is huge. Yeah. And so when you say I really felt like I became a man, beyond accountability, what does that mean to you? What does being a man which is growing up mean? Yeah, I think it means when you say you're gonna do something you actually follow through. I think it's having integrity. I think it's having respect for yourself and other women, like real respect, I think it's like a grounded presence and strength for your family, for your friends to be like, like that strong tree that everybody can lean on. And it also means like, having so much honesty with yourself that you can be vulnerable. I think a lot of men think being vulnerable or being tapped into their emotions as feminine. I think it's the complete opposite. Because if you don't have an outlet to process those things will come up unconsciously to the people you love most. And I've dealt with that firsthand. So you know, I think it's being strong and certain in your identity standing for something you believe in like willing to die for your mission for your family. And not just being like a people pleaser like I was for so long, like I had no core. And if I if I said no, like it would irk me, because there was this thing with my mom that I uncovered years later as to why I became that way. And man, it was just like, for my whole life. I was being something I wasn't. And that takes so much energy. And yeah, it's it's really like, knowing who you are through and through. You know, I don't know, probably about the most concise clearance. Oh, no. I mean, it's so funny because I remember being 29 and being like, before I turned 30 around when I was turning 30 It was like when I realized how little I knew. Right? And I'm excited for you like first of all, like it's always exciting when you when you're on a path early on, because we're so much more plastic, you know, we're more pliable and we can neuroplasticity, you know, lean in when we can really change. I mean, the work I've done with teenagers or people in their 20s is so satisfying because I know what a long life they have in front of them and their ability to live a different way. And so it's like it's so exciting. If you're like this is where I am your twin May 7, is that right? Yeah, I just turned 27 Happy birthday. You know, and then you know where you're going to be in 20 years. I mean, that's, it's just a, it's you in to stay humble inside that process. Yeah. Of being like, there's so much I don't know. Yeah, there really is I have very consciously had to seek out very strong masculine men as figures of guidance like father's not because I don't have a father. But you know, my dad was very much a father when I was young. But he became a dad, as I got older from pain, because I think there's a huge difference between a data father, Yeah, huge difference. Do you want to say a little bit about that? Yeah, like a lot of my work has to do with archetypes, I go deep into that. And Father, for me is almost like the divine masculine. It's kind of the embodiment of, you know, that wise teacher who is going to tell you the hard things, whether you care or not straight because he wants to, because He loves you. He wants what, what's best for you? Yeah, dad kind of is the, you know, not shadow side of a father. But it's that heart that has kind of lost their core a little bit because life has like, beat them down. And you become more of a friend and less of like a guide. And it's like, oh, well, so equal that, like, you just feel like you can't influence them or inspire them because they're too far, or whatever might be run it on back there. So I had to really seek out, you know, these masculine Finnur. And Tony was was the biggest for me, for sure. in that realm, specifically, and I'm, I'm grateful for that, man. He really helped me a lot in that area. Yeah, you. You had a new encounter with him. I just saw a tiny clip, you had the opportunity to have a conversation with him recently. And I was curious, what was the context? What did you What did you get out of that? What was your takeaway? Yeah, I could get emotional just talking about it. Yeah, it's, it's beautiful when I've met so many of my superheroes, and they've all let me down. But Tony hasn't. And for me in this journey, that is so like, he knows cuz I told him but like, he, I don't know if he fully understands how much like that means to me. Because I've met so many of these amazing people in the public persona, and they're still amazing, like their works amazing are they're like the most incredible people. But there's that old adage of like, don't meet your superheroes, they let you down. And like, for so long, I believe that to be true, until I met Tony. And like being somebody who is so obsessed with this work so that I can better my craft. I am constantly seeking teachers to learn from and not only just learn from but become friends with and associate with them. So Tony is somebody I've been working with and studying from for probably about three years now. And I'm in his his mastermind is platinum community. So I get to spend a lot of intimate time with him in that group. And yeah, just you know, there was an event and there's all these things, I was dealing with a lot of bullshit in my business and I wasn't supposed to be there. And mom, for some odd reason, they delayed the time, which is never something Tony does. But they push the time back of the event like three hours the morning of which allowed me to go there we go. Yeah, of course. Right. Long story short, they call on me and we've had a beautiful conversation and we've had other small conversations leading up to that moment and but it's really it's cool it was really cool is just to both give him value I was giving him value and his business and social media as a whole for his community. And yeah, I also got to share some some really nice words so it was it was beautiful, huge win for me. You know, you're speaking to one of the things can be so tricky. It's like whether it's in the self help world or transformation world or yoga, where there are so many spiritual or secular teachers who cross certain lines step out of integrity are human right? It's like there's difference between being human but being accountable. Yeah, after the fact like, how we men things, right, how we how we heal things after there's been harm done. And I think one of the reasons that I've stayed out of the spotlight and it's still something that I'm continuing to work with, it's like this total ease around visibility as well as power. Right? I feel so strongly about not abusing power and so often, when people get too much power, what I see is like the leaning toward It sociopathy, right, like the leaning towards abuse of power. And I have a lot of, you know, different kinds of thoughts about what that is. But so I just hear you speaking to that. And this, this immense disappointment in people not using their power always for good, perhaps, or not being countable, like, I'm not sure what it is that was so disappointing for you, but both? Well, it's my It's definitely like I went through, I went through some, some serious trauma because of that. And yeah, it brought all the light that I get to experience in my life because of it, it drove me to have to heal. That's what got me on the path are part of what got me on the path. Like I didn't know how to deal with abuse, I didn't know how to overcome these things. And I also never told a soul. Like, I found my other outlets of healing, which was this type of work that I teach today, like, manifestation, you know, taking control of the subconscious mind, like read, like going so deep, because like, I knew I had limiting beliefs, and it was like, I got abused. And then first, I didn't want to trust masculine men, that I didn't want to trust women that I didn't want to trust family, the lens just got so big that I started getting scared of myself. And I was like, something seriously wrong with me. I gotta, I gotta get this figured out. Yeah, I went deep in that healing journey. And then, of course, you know, those those bastard paradigms, as Bob Proctor would say, it started to come back really big when I stepped into this work and that exact fear of like, what if I become that? So I shied away from it for a long time, I'd like do it and then I'd stop, I'd do it and then I'd stop. And not gonna lie. Like it's still something that crosses my mind. Like, what if I lose myself to this? Because I've seen so so so many people just fall from grace. And I think that's why I'm so drawn to Tony, you know, he's so impactful. He's like a literal billionaire. Don't get me wrong. He has an ego. We all have an ego, but man, his heart and his head is in check. That man is incredible. And she had a conversation. I don't know if you know, do you know, Shri Preetha. Ji. Now she's pretty good. You you would like your stuff. Yeah, I would love to Yeah, she has a book called The four sacred secrets. Okay. He's really, really good. Her husband's father has worked very closely with Tony and sage. And they do this thing called the blessing. It's one of the most profound experiences I've ever had in my life, from Sage directly. And long story short, you know, I had an opportunity to meet her one on one. She's like, huge, she's like, they're like Sadhguru type love, okay. They're massive in India. And that was the question I asked her. I said, Listen, like, I am so scared that I'm gonna go down this path, and I'm gonna lose myself. Like, how do you stay humble? And her answer was really beautiful. And she just said, like, it isn't about you. And never will be. She's like, the moment it does. You'll know. Like, you'll be in pain. And I thought that was so interesting. And she's like, just keep your heart in the right place. That was like, really timely for me. And then one of my good friends Pearl, she's such a sweetheart. She was like, gosh, Anton, the fact that you even ask that question says everything about you. And I'm like, Oh, that's so sweet. Like, thank you. But yeah, it's really important for me. Like, really, it's, it's very important. For me very, very important. That's really good to know. Yeah. And I'm curious about your relationship to your dad, how's that? How's the work that you've done and modeling so often? We're our parents, teachers, right? How has that evolved? And maybe what has he gotten from you? Oh, man, I love my my dad so much. Like we're really close today. We had our, you know, scaffolds through life. But we're, we're totally good. I don't agree with everything he does. And I've learned to accept him. And I think that was part of my process with my family is like, I spent so much time trying to change everybody because I thought I had some type of answers. But as soon as I just love them for who they are. My mother as well. It really helped everything because I could finally see the beauty that was always there. Never witness. And yeah, my dad has had his own transformations. I think he can't fathom my life. And I love that I'm an example for him. I think in some cases, we did a Tony Robbins event. We've done a couple Tony Robbins events together actually. He loves it and we have a really really good time we have a healthy relationship now like it's not it's not toxic. There's not like passive aggression. There's We just shoot each other straight. And yeah, he's a he's a good man. So it's, it's evolved a lot. It's huge that he's willing to go to those events with you. Oh, he loves it. Yeah, he it was, I think it's just a matter of like, you know, I used to try to force it for so long. Now I think my results just speak. So my mother's Well, my mother actually came to my own retreat. And that was, first of all, for me, like, like, I was so in my head. Because I was like, my mom has a certain picture of me. She's never seen me in this light, like, at all. And she's never been to something like this. And my, like, I can get pretty intense. And wow, I just like what an angel. She is like, I finally met my mom. Finally matter. Wow. Like we had so many beautiful healing moments together. And I had some really hard personal things happening during the retreat. And there was like, a couple times, she just knocked on my hotel room. And like, she's like, I just feel like you need a hug. And like, she grabbed me and I started bawling. Like, so beautiful on on all fronts. So there's been a lot of mending because for so long, I was a people pleaser. And I blame that on my mom. And I was like, you may be a people pleaser, because like, there's one experience I had that about, you know, the whole story. So being able to stand in my strength in front of my mom, almost to the point where like, intimidate her, but she feels safe, which is something my dad wouldn't always do. So it really just helped her and me see each other through a whole new lens. Which was like, just amazing. Like, I felt so like, understood by my mom. And I never felt that my whole life because I was always an entrepreneur, and I was a skateboarder and I was a rebel. And it was like, they always wanted me to go to college or this or that I never wanted to do any of it. And it was like, ah, like, she sees me and I see her. There was so good. So good. So it's amazing. Very grateful. That's so awesome. It's, you know, there's that place. It's tricky, right? Where you're, you know, the people that you really look up to, and they fall off a pedestal. And that's disappointing. But there's also this essential thing of seeing your parents. Yeah. As human. And remembering none of its personal. Right. Like, you like you sounds like you're really in a place right now. Where you're not taking who they are, are their limitations personally, Oh, not at all and really able to, which frees them up to then actually relate to you and not relate to you as a kid that they failed or that, you know, they're like limiting in some way? Yeah, yeah. No, they never did. My parents were so so great. Like, they really were. And I just, I just like, I think everybody's doing the best with what they got. And if we can understand that as conscious individuals and not have any resistance towards whatever, like color feta is, yeah, then it just opens up. beauty and grace and just love in those moments. So yeah. Nice. I'm happy for you. Thank you. Yeah. And it's I imagine it was also healing for other people at the retreat to have your mom there and to see the dynamic and to have them working probably on their own stuff with their parents. Massively. Yeah, Mom got to justify a lot of the stories that I tell that people don't think are true. Honestly, like, six years ago, I was sleeping on sleeping in the same bedroom with my own mom and my grandma's. And she got to validate that in real time, and people are like, holy shit, like he's not lying. Like, because, you know, like, how do they know? Like, no one knows. But my home fucking mom and my brother. Were there, you know? So it's amazing. Right? It's like where you've come from? Yeah, exactly. And we, we had to go through so much like, during that period where I lived with her and my grandma, and it was really hard. So I think us showing up in that vulnerability, like, again, I think gave people that permission to just trust and let go and surrender. And my mom like is such a healer and she doesn't even know it. She was like, help it all the other people and just was amazing. Sounds awesome. Yeah, and the other piece that you said that feels really important to reiterate is just the the thing around safety and that the masculine being able to embody this, this positive masculine, that hat is firm and clear, but also safe. Yeah, versus firm and shaming or rep. amending or threatening. And so for your mom to kind of get that it almost sounds like, like a little bit of re parenting. They're even like, oh, okay, this is what this can look like? I think so. For sure. So, yeah, yeah. So on your retreats, there are some different components. Right. And working around manifesting and uncovering limiting beliefs. Yeah. And, you know, so in breathwork, why don't you talk us through a little bit about what your approach is? And what are some of the things that someone would encounter? Yeah, we talk a lot about turning your pain into your power. That's like a core teaching of the event and of the events. And I just do that through my own personal, like, I can only relate it to myself. So I talk about the people you hate most the worst days of your life are really the people you should love most and the best days of your life because it made you who you are. And I believe in that pain, there's something encoded for all of us to uncover. And bigger the pain, I always say the bigger the purpose, I really believe that at my core, and, you know, we can decide to be a victim to it or, or see the truth of it. Which is, in my opinion, that it was great. And that's hard to see at first, but I take people through enough altered states of consciousness, whether it be breathwork, whether it be meditation, whether it be Gnosis, whether it be all these different things that allows them to go deep, deeper into really their unconscious mind. So when I when I do work like that, you know, I got to build the models. So day, you know, the first day is really all about the subconscious mind, what is the mind? How does it work? What's a program? You know, they say, one to 5% of our mind is conscious, the other, you know, 99 to 95% is unconscious? Like, what does that mean? And how do we get into that unconscious mind? Where does that come from? So I think I do a really good job at breaking that down in the most elementary way possible. And then giving people the ability to get honest with themselves, because I always say we've heard it a million times the truth will set you free. So you got to see why are you the way you are you don't got to analyze like the trauma that occurred. But you got to wonder where did these programs come from? Are they yours? Are they your families? Are they society's, like, where did these beliefs come from? And I take people through, you know, lots of different ways to unravel those stories and rewire them. Because a lot of what I do is conditioning, I don't really like I believe that our nervous system can be wired into anything we want it to be, for example, like a big commonality in personal development is like the actor's technique, you know, act as if. And that's great, because that is laying the neural pathways in your brain in your body to look like something is happening, that's not. So therefore you do it enough time through repetition, and all of a sudden, you literally biochemically neuro chemically, it looks like something's occurring, that's not so therefore it must happen. So I really go to intense heights to give people these very heightened emotional experiences of their future in the present moment. So they can both take out what's not serving them and see, like the pain of what it looks like if they don't get rid of this. And also, what's the beauty of what happens if they install something new? Yeah, so that's like the general sense. You know, I go into the science of like the brain and the RAS and these different parts of our brain that allows us to make something that seems fill philosophical and make it very practical and logical. Yeah. And I show people like, pretty much how we've all been hypnotized into illusions. And I do that through a variety of fun, interesting ways. It giggles I feel like I'm seeing like a five year old part of you with that smile right now. You're like, yeah, I love it. I love it. Like I really, really do. I love messing with people. I keep people on their toes. We do a lot of challenging activities, like, you know, walk on fire, ice baths. I mean, other things that I don't share publicly. But yeah, you know, it's all for the sake of them to realize they're way greater than they ever think. If you get people in the right state of mind, what they can do is incredible. Everything's a reflection of our energy. And I get people to understand the science of that, that applied in real time. And it comes in a variety of ways. It's not just meditation. It's not just great work. There's a million things I'm doing all week to prep them for those those big moments where you start lifting cars off of incense take. Literally, literally, yeah. It's crazy. I mean, yeah, the mind, the mind is so powerful and so misunderstood still today, even with all the science that we do. Sure. Yeah, I mean, neuroscience is such a young field, right? We know so little and perceived physical limitations. When you break through a perceived physical limitation. It's the most profound, yes, experience that it lasts. It's a visceral, I mean, it's like it's visceral. And you don't forget it. And 20 years down the road, you still remember that walking on fire with Anton moment? Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Breaking bricks or boards, like it's, it's amazing. It's amazing. So I often ask my guests what sexual freedom means for them. But I'm curious, you can answer that, but also just what is freedom to you? And I'm really when I think about sexuality, I placed it in the context of living a vibrant existence, not just genitals, and you know, more genitals. It's like, yes, it's more about your your vibrance, your aliveness, your essence, moving through you freely. And so I'm just curious what freedom is for you. Yeah, I think it's in short, full authenticity with self. And not being afraid to express all that's happening inside of you the good, the bad, the ugly, firstly, with yourself, but then I think with people closest to you, I think a layer to that as well as like, you know, emotional freedom, spiritual freedom, like feeling able to express who you are. But then like, I think financial freedom as well, so that you can live life on your terms. Like if you want to go spend a weekend and mica knows, like, you could go do that, like because you're totally free. I think it comes back to like, where your mind and heart is at any given moment. Is it being influenced outside of you? Or are you in control of that at every moment and letting like your greatest truths, like, blow through in that moment? I think that's like, total freedom and then not judging it ever. Because like, whatever you said, then was perfect, then you've grown past it, or you may evolve past it. But like, in that moment, that was your greatest truth. And that should never be like, just shoved away for Poopoo. Like, you know, like, that doesn't mean we can't grow but it means in that moment, that might have been your greatest truth. So great. Don't beat yourself up. It's, it's here like life is. Life is fluid. You know, life isn't this and I think so many people want it to be this but everything comes with a season. Absolutely. Our relationships, our finances, our business, our health, like life is seasons life is cyclical. So being able to be kinda like that water like Bruce Lee would say to, you know, mold and mend your way through life. Is this freedom in my eyes? Hmm. Absolutely. And is there any kind of practice that you would like to guide our listeners through that you feel like it's either made a big difference for you in your life or something that you use with your clients, I have like a 12 minute guided breathwork be sure that you're lying down on your back that you're comfortable. And we're going to breathe in and out through our stomach in a circular motion. Breathing in and out through our mouth. Through this entire meditation. Just follow my rhythm. Take the breath in deep into the stomach into the chest and let it fall. In as soon as the breath reaches the bottom, you're going to bring it back up to the top. Breathe in and out deeply, fully. With power but not with force and elegant power bringing the breath deep into the stomach and into the chest and letting this music fill your soul with love. fill your heart with boldness and we're starting the day in a new way to you change our life forever. Keep breathing in and out deep and for make sure the air is going deep into your stomach in and out just like the ocean waves see if your hands start tingling or you feel lightheaded, that's fine, that's all normal. Just stay with that deep breath in and out. And let love fill you up while you breathe. Deep breaths, keep going. You're doing so good. I know it can be uncomfortable. A push past where you would usually stop and you'll learn on the other side of your fears freedom. So keep breathing in and out deeper and fuller if your shoulders are tensing, relax them. Just bring that air so deep into your stomach and into your chest and let it go. You're not forcing the breath out. You're just letting it fall. And then you're breathing it in deep and full. Let it go stay with it in and out. Let this song make you happy. fill you with joy while you breathe deep. And for changing your energy bringing the lifeforce back to your body to your soul. And stay with the breath. We're going to speed it up and just follow my instructions. We're going to do 10 Fast breaths. And then we're going to hold our breaths on the exhale. And you're going to notice you can hold your breath a lot longer than usual. That is because your blood is filled with oxygen because of this deep breathing you've been doing. So let's begin 321 Come on, pick up that breath in and out deep and full. push yourself past your limitations while you breathe. Come on just a few more. Last one, bring it in all the way. Let it go. And at the bottom, you're just going to hold your breath. Make sure your body's relaxed while you're holding your breath. Feel life. Feel This Moment. If you want to laugh, that's fine. If you want to cry, that's great. But just keep holding your breath. Become aware of the sensations of this present moment. This is the only truth is this moment. So Let your body rest while you hold your breath. And when you're ready, when you get the urge to breathe, you can breathe in and breathe out. Just continue that circular motion. And if you still want to hold your breath, keep holding, but as soon as you feel the urge to breathe, just continue with that circular breath in and out through the mouth into the tummy. No forcing, just flowing. You'll notice you start to feel happy. You just have to fill up with life while you breathe. Stay with the breath in and out into the stomach into the chest. You might have lightheaded, lightheadedness, tingling sensations, that's all normal. Breathe through it. If your hands are cramping, that's okay. Just keep with the breath. Just like the ocean back and forth like the waves. Stay with that breath in and out. Keep going you are being filled with life. It's time to let go of your past. Using your breath to pierce through any darkness to pierce through any pain, any fear, any suffering. Any limitation that we put on ourselves, you're using your breath to return to your wholeness. That's what this is. And stay with it deeper and fuller. When you breathe the air into your stomach, feel your stomach rise and then your chest inland. Let it go key breathing let this song open you to life let it radiate through your entire body. Stay with that breath. We're going to do five fast breaths. And then we're going to hold again on the exhale. Act like your life depends on these five breaths. Let's begin. Come on, push it. Just one more breathe it in and let it fall. Hold your breath. Keep your breath held and put your hands on your heart feel this moment you are alive. You are home. You have whatever it takes to live the life of your dreams. Keep your breath how they just feel your heart while you just listen to the heartbeat, feel feels heartbeat for you. We don't do anything to make your heartbeat. There's something that loves you enough to give you this gift of your heart. And when you're ready, you can breathe in and just returned to normal breathing but keep your hands on your heart and feel love that you did it that you stayed with this session the entire time. And that love is the greatest truth. Now I want you to just put a smile on your face and find one thing you can be so grateful for be a friend or family member. a loved one. What is something you could be so grateful for? Maybe it's something that happened in your life? Along your journey, when you think of it, it can almost bring a tear to your eye wants you to feel that moment now right in your heart, you can put your attention on your heart and breathe into it in and out. Field expanding as if it's waking up this is what life's about. Feel that moment, that person that experience you are guided you are supported. You are the universe. Slowly, you can bring your hands back to normal. Maybe wiggle your toes and fingers come back into this moment. And at your own pace, you can sit up and smile. And start your day fresh with this brand new energy. Hmm. Yeah, thank you. And is there is there anything else that that you want to share? Before we start to know I, you know, I always leave people with a message of like hope and inspiration. You know, I am of the firm belief that our life circumstances can change and will change if we have the desire to change it. So, you know, if you're striving for more, you got to demand more of yourself than anything else. And work on those limiting beliefs, work on those programs, work on those fears, so that you can uncover who you really are. And I believe if you keep on that journey, and you're staying honest with yourself, the right teachers will appear in the form of grace. And I believe the universe will also communicate to weight to you in ways you understand. So don't lose faith, don't lose hope and becoming the best. Do you think that's all really we can do? Yeah, thank you. And how can we find you? How can the listeners make contact with you? What's your social so my website and Thomas biscay.com You can go to my Instagram and Thomas Biscay YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn all Anton was Biscay. So yeah, and if you don't know how to spell with Biscay, you can go to my show notes. Yes, yeah. Yeah, it was good to see you. And I really, I'm really glad to hear you're doing so well. Thank you. So nice to see you too. Thanks for joining us today, you make this possible. In order to support the podcast I've started a Patreon where I plan to release exclusive content you won't be able to find anywhere else online. I'll be offering meditations more in depth exercises that relate to specific episodes and behind the scenes info about the interviews and my personal life. You can find my patreon@www.pa T ar e yo n.com backslash la IDOPENPO de Cast To learn more about how you can support her community. Another way you can support the podcast is by reading, reviewing and sharing it with friends so others can find our healing community. You can also follow me at laid open podcast on Instagram and Facebook and read more about my work at passionate life.org Until next time, may this podcast connect you to new resources and empower you to heal yourself.

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