Ep. 22 Feminism, Sexology and the Eco-Sex Movement with Annie Sprinkle

This week’s guest is a great one, I’m speaking with sexologist Annie Sprinkle, who has had an epic career as a sex-positive and feminist porn star, a performance artist, filmmaker, eco-sex activist, and most recently the co-author of Assuming the Ecosexual Position—Earth as Lover. With her wife Beth Stephens, she launched an eco-sex movement, in addition to working with the founder of Sexological Body Work founder Joseph Kramer. Plus, she leads an orgasmic breath exercise you just don’t want to miss. I can’t wait for you to hear Annie speak about her incredible body of work because there’s so much to learn from her.

Show Notes

Welcome back to Laid Open podcast. This is your host Charna Caselle. Today my guest is sexologist Annie sprinkle who’s had an epic career as a sex positive and feminist porn star or performance artist, filmmaker, eco sex activist and most recently the co author of assuming the ego sexual position, Earth as lover with her wife, Beth Stevens. She’s launched an eco sex movement for decades, and he has partnered with Joseph Kramer, who I interviewed for episode one of season two in life and in work, I adore them both. When I moved back to San Francisco in 1989, I was subletting a place for a few months. This was back when people had landlines and one of the minor thrills of my first month here was Annie calling accidentally looking for the previous tenant. I of course, knew who she was. And over the years and the random encounters I’ve had with her she’s been nothing but warm. And her work is an incredible contribution to sex positive queer art and history. Welcome, Annie. In life is about to start is this brand new

Thank you, Charna.

I love I love your crown of butterflies and I wish our viewers could see

Thank you. You’re positively glowing. It’s nice to see you again.

Yes, the last time I saw you, we were hanging an extensive amount of COC art that Joseph Kramer’s house and I loved that was super fun for me.

Yeah, he’s into penises, and we, we’re happy to support his hobby. They’re quite you should have seen it. 20 years ago, he had a huge collection of Pina sculptures. He’s very happy with his new decor. We took down some art and put up some new art and redecorated his house. He’s super happy. Thank you for that. That’s, that’s awesome. It was it was a memorable evening. Vegan Cuisine, followed by lots of MIDI Cox everywhere. Annie, if you don’t mind jumping back in we were discussing as we got older that things change. And you mentioned your voice.

My voice has changed so much over the years from you know, I started making films of doing phone sex recordings and all this when I was starting at 18. You know, haha, I can go back to film when I was 18. And my voice is completely there for I listen to those old phone six videos and audio. Oh, my God, I sound so what do you what do you make of that? Because I know that I’ve gotten feedback about my boys compared to it changes every way. The boobs change, the Wildwood changes, the clitoris stays the same. The rest of the body all changes.

That’s an interesting fact. You’re like the clitoris stays the same. And I don’t know if it’s, it’s interesting, because there are things like, you know, I talked to someone I went to high school with. And he said, Wow, your voice sounds so different. You don’t sound like Charna. And he’s like, don’t take this the wrong way. But you sound so much more feminine. Which was I’ll tell you my theory about it. But what what do you make of it?

Well, I think in my case, it’s simply physical changes. going through menopause, I had my parathyroid taken out. body ages, that’s an interesting fact. You’re like the clitoris stays the same. And I don’t know if it’s, it’s interesting because there are things like Lycan sclerosis, which causes the vulva to sometimes seal up over the clitoris so the clitoris can get obscured. But the idea that like there’s a youth and it retains its youth and it’s, you know, it’s a constant state versus everything else changes is really fascinating, as well as Susan weed the herbalist pointed that out to me that there is that stay the same. So I can’t say I thought of that. But when she said it, I was like, Wow, that’s so true. You know the teeth change the I change the boobs change the muscles out of the stomach, right? Change, the vulva drops, actually, why so many women get tummy tags is not because of their tummy is to pull their vulva back.

That’s really interesting. I my theory about the voice because in the last couple years, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about my voice. And I don’t remember people saying these things as I was growing up, or in my 20s or 30s. Even. And I think that it’s from the amount of healing that I’ve done and softening that I’ve done and so that I have less of a perhaps defensive or push away kind of voice. I don’t know. But it’s, it’s it stands out the amount of feedback that I’ve gotten on my voice, which I think is it’s interesting. 

So, yeah, well, I happen to really like older bodies. I love those lovers that have dropped and the boots, the saggy boobs, I find that those older women’s bodies really sexy or women’s bodies are sexy do they’re just that I also have partial. And as I had a few teeth pulled recently my whole mouth has changed. So I have to get a new partial. So if it’s like, you know, it’s bizarre Ms. Aging, keeping up with the changes. And you know, I want to get my eyebrows tattooed now because they got thinner, and after years of wearing false eyelashes on stage. Oh, your door just opened. l it’s not a ghost. It’s my dog, Toshi.

Toshi. And I’ve got two dogs here. And Butch town, she Oh,

20 she wanted to get out of the closet. She came out of the closet. Yeah, you know, it’s an interesting topic aging. And especially what you’re saying this remarkable thing that most women don’t, you know, like they don’t have the, the this very special experience of having things documented to that degree, right? Like, you’re like, Oh, I that wasn’t just my voice, but it was my body and you did X rated films for a good portion of your younger years. And and so I’m just really I’m really curious, what’s that like for you to look back and to be able to? It’s great that you love Older Women’s bodies and find them essential and sexy and can embrace that. And then what’s it like for you and your own body?

Well, actually, next year will be 50 years I’ve been performing nude and various contexts. I still sometimes do nude performance as a performance artist. And I make films with my partner best Stevens and their ether sexual activist films and occasionally will be naked in the reverse skinny dipping, and it’s been interesting. Luckily with art and performance art and the kind of experimental projects I do. I have a good body for it. Because when I made porn at 18 and modeled for all the sex magazines that was controversial back then and early Ben 70s to be naked and importantly it was good to get arrested if you were making porn movies and got caught he’d probably be let go pretty quick but you’d be taken to jail. It was not like today where there’s so much porn being made and it’s actually legal to make porn if it’s not I’m seeing so called X scene so yeah, it’s a it’s a trip looking backwards. So it’s more controversial being an older woman, and maybe even a river for four seconds than making a porn movie when you’re 19 and older bodies are supposed to be naked. We’re supposed to wear long sleeves and no not have our clean Rachel like I have mine right now. I still can sport clean, clean Even when I stopped Do I still put my boobs on people’s hands and make kidney towards at birthday parties and light my nipples on fire with matches, you know, you know the the common, the common

I just some habits die hard.

My one of my best friends in college used to do 2d presses. So the group of us we are eight of us live together we would all go out to brunch and inevitably we’d be in the car leaving the restaurant, and she’d be the last one to get inside. And so we’d all be piled into this car and she would lift her shirt and press her breasts against the window of the car, right. And she for her senior project, she ended up doing a a film about a superhero who could stop time by doing TT presses. You I think of I think of her when you when you speak about the power of your bras.

Well, I’ve done all kinds of breast art breast experiments, breast performances, and my signature performance piece is my bosom and ballet. We’ve also done the bosom Samba at halftime and that on a soccer field with the samba band at in Berlin. Brian us but in Berlin. Love that. And it was interesting. So I think boobs are fun. And I always say it’s not the size of your tits that counts. It’s how you use them.

Right? That’s awesome. Though it’s a very that’s a very good quote. That should be on some tight T shirts.

I think it’s on a poster. Oh, my boobs and belly poster and I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah, actually.

I think you know, what you’re speaking about is really important, which is the transgressive nature of sexualized aging bodies. Right when I worked at good vibrations, and one of you know, one of the days that stands out the most in my memory and warms my heart is is an 80 something year old man coming in and wanting. He’s like I realized my wife’s never had an orgasm, and I want to, I want to work with that and see how I can bring her pleasure. And having this couple that came in repeatedly was really, you know, it felt radical at the time and awesome. It was inspiring. How did it go did it it was successful. They were so sweet. They would come back in and they they just kept renting new videos. And that was back when your fire in the valley with Joseph Kramer and fire on the mountain and those kinds of videos were were things that I was educating people with and encouraging them to rent. So yeah, that was you know, you have a special place in my heart for like when I was a little baby dyke coming out and working at good vibrations and stepping into the socks sex positive community for the first time. You were quite an icon and a presence.

Well, thanks, showrunner. Well, I appreciate you promoting those films. Yeah, I’ve been added for a long time and, and it’s nice to know that some people benefited from something. I mean, I really liked God and you’ve taken that ball and you’ve run with it and you’re doing amazing. All kinds of amazing sex education and six therapy. Oh my gosh, I’m really proud of of you and what you’ve accomplished them. And yeah, for good vibrations, as well for being at Community sex education place and spreading the love. It’s a very different store now. Yeah. And that was in the 80s for example, 90 is these days I really love this store. It’s called as you like it. Exactly. Watch Oregon. It’s created by Kim marks. He’s an environmental activist. She worked for Greenpeace and trains people how to do actions and protests. She’s like hardcore environmentalist in which she got personal luck. She got cancer. She’s open about it. She said I need to stop doing so many stressful hard things and have more pleasure. So she started a pleasure shop and She’s amazing. And she raised the bar on what’s environmentally friendly was boys, and lubricant center and all of it. She was voted the best sex shop by aveanna. There’s and she’s selling more of our books and then anybody and Beth and I haven’t made book called that’s assuming assuming the ego sexual position, Earth as lover.

Yeah, of course. And we’re very proud of that book and she’s just listen if you’re gonna buy or a book, assuming the Eco sexual position from the environmentally friendly sex toy shop, as he like it, they’re really awesome.

That’s really interesting. So do biodegradable dildos, and and vibrators exist or like what what specifically makes them environmentally friendly? I’m curious.

Well, for example, there’s these very fancy expensive butt plugs that are like brass but they have diamonds in round diamond. And she’s like, right in the company of Saint Jean know that the diamonds in your back plugs are causing, you know, their blood diamonds. Really think there, sir? Oh, wow, I never thought of it. Or she makes like body butter looks at the chemicals and other brands. And they’re like not good for your body. Well, actually, I can show you some products that are using eco friendly packaging, the chords are shorter. And you can use your own extension cord and they’re not in that horrible clamshell packaging. Great. She and some others got these places to stop using that crap. That’s brilliant. Join oceans. And Smitten Kitten really started that that was the first green business they had the seal of approval and started sex toy recycling. The fibrations is coming along as well and they’re doing eco Roddick stuff and you know it’s it’s a process and Beth and I we like to say bring back live six shows here not really need the sex toys that people are all buying those just like using once and they ended up in the landfill. There’s tons of great sex toys like you know, literally cucumbers.

Yeah, yeah. Right. Right that that those are biodegradable. Yes. Yeah. And thing. And trusty fingers. Yes, are always are always literally handy. So to give our listeners some context, because, you know, you’ve gone through these different this evolution over time in terms of being a sex worker, being a performance artist, being a sex educator, right? You have a PhD as a sexologist, and then eventually moving into, you know, eco activism and coining the movement, eco sexuality. And so how did you end up here?

Well, I call myself a metamorphose sexual, which is always in a state of change. Some people discover what they’d like when they’re, you know, 18 years old, that’s they stick to that missionary position their whole lives, one person of the opposite sex, and others of us are changing, and we get into kink, or we get into Tantra, or we get into threesomes, or change sexual identities. So I’m always gone, changed a lot. And through the years, and when I’m enthusiastic about I document and share my discoveries with other people through photography, video performance art, and I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I was a kid. And so at 18, I got into pornography and prostitution, which I consider kind of a private performance, if you’re privileged enough to call it that for some it’s just survival and they don’t really want to do it, but I chose it and I liked it. That was interested in sex, and exploring people’s fetishes and fantasies and I did that in all different mediums. And so at 18 I was in the middle instream sex industry until I put together one woman show called postpartum modernist in 1989. And I toured that show to 20 countries, and I made good money and I had a blast and I also explored sex through that piece because I, I did a sex magic ritual on stage, for example, that showed my cervix live on the sides and people are there so so I’m a sexual adventure. And I go through changes where I’ve ended that at my age is very caring about the environment, my love grew, I married bestie rounds a woman which I was really into man. And suddenly I was interested in a women and that’s very androgynous, however, and I found the love of my life who’s also an artist and develop this thing called Eco sex which we did not invent the word was used very little in some dating sites, like metrosexual or AB sexual or, you know, little sexual identities and women in your sex manifesto, which we sketched out with eco saves could be and what our stance was, and a lot of people have become eco sexual because of the work we’ve done. So we say that we we launched the Eco six movement. And now there’s people all over the world that identify with the ego sexual, some malware, some don’t, but we’re still at it. And it’s just that I’ve grown to realize a lot of sensual pleasure can be had from non human realms. Lay naked on a rock and loose and and feel that rock and lick it and get the sunrays penetrating your pores and take a breath and have intercourse with the air you breathe and have an absolutely erotic experience. With the rock, the sun, the wind, gentle winds are incredible. And so I taught at the WISEWOMAN Center for 10 years every summer, which is out in the woods, upstate New York, with Barbra Corellas, where Ben Tantra and Linda Montana who’s an artist, my art mentor, and we waited to send everyone out have sex with some nonhuman entity for two hours go out, make love with water or you know, clump of moss or whatever. And then we’d come back and share stories. And I can’t tell you how many women said that was the best sex or experience I’ve ever had is can be very fulfilling and spiritual and you feel that one is an incredibly sensual and erotic so animals only concern for trashing the ocean because I’m gonna let my love just grow from people to oceans to skies and turn on you know, you’re, you’re a little bit eco sexual yourself, I think, yeah, I you know, I don’t, I don’t know how you can really be embodied and connected to your senses without also being eco sexual. You know, like, there’s this inherent when you’re taking pleasure and simply existing, and connecting to the elements around you, I think I shared this with you that I will see clients in my garden. And, you know, so beautiful, sometimes you’ll have to come over so you get to walk this pathway. But there are these huge elephant ear plants that as you walk in through this gate, I had this client come in and say Oh, I just felt like I got a hug from that firm those leaves and are sitting on my deck, these banana tree leaves will hang over and the wind was blowing the other day and it was actually a sunny day before the rain started. And this lead just kept stroking the shoulder of my client and she would pause it was so beautiful, she would pause and to just kind of hold it up to her cheek and just take that went with it. And then you know it’s so just kind of kept happening like there’s this inner a natural interaction and a way that the environment was impacting her ability to be present and kept bringing her back into her body and into the present moment.

Yeah, it is basically a mindfulness practice of sorts. It’s about Yeah, being present. Allow that moment to connect.

So there’s there’s a, a continuum, right because you know, you’re you’re talking like there can either literally be you know I had a girlfriend and when I was in college who had gotten, she’s like, Oh, I had the best run and at the end of my run, I humped this tree and had this incredible orgasm and, you know, so there can literally be for, you know, humping a tree or penetrating yourself with some with an object. Or literally, like you said, the wind is blowing on your skin and you’re receiving it like a whisper.

Well evolve the sexual experience that sexual practices I’ve learned, and I’ve studied towers, tantric all every kind of sex positive kind of technique. The best was actually when I did a story for penthouse Hans Harley swift there who said, Shaman, and sex educator, and he taught what he’d called the fire breath, the workouts. And it’s not like fire breath, breathing, like in yoga, it’s kind of ecstatic breathing. And I’ve taught this for years and years and I still benefit from that experience of having energy orgasms and breath orgasms and expanding on what orgasm is it’s not just clitoral experience for me, it can be on a good day, full body experience and clitoral orgasms are great. But there’s also a whole bunch of other kinds, which we do the book back in, I did a book called explorers guide planet orgasm, and it’s all about orgasm and nothing but orgasm. It’s really cute, I should have a copy to shame the would love to see that is a really cute book, and you can buy it like for $13. Now, it’s everything I learned about orgasm. And it’s really great for young women and people who want to have more different kinds of orgasms. So a lot of ego sex is kind of an erotic energetic exchange and being eco sexual just means that you love the Earth, basically. Yeah, you enjoy sensual pleasure with humans. Anyone here?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, it’s this, you know, it’s also interesting. From the documentary, you got you did a documentary together, water makes us wet. Am I getting the title? Right? Okay, and you went and you visited a water plants. And there’s this, you know, reflection on the level of pollution and what’s what’s happening in in the bodies of water. And, and thinking about the, well, some people aren’t that mindful about what we’re putting in our bodies, but there’s general recognition that what we what you put in your body is going to have an impact. And we have yet to really connect to the fact that not everyone, some people have a lot of people have it that the Earth is our collective body. And in the oceans are our collective water bodies, you know, and that, of course, the things that we’re putting in them is going to have an impact.

Well, all sexes, eco sex, if you’re having sex with a partner you’re having sex was water. We’re kind of creatures and biome clouds. And there’s all kinds of things going on. You’re not just having sex with the human. And in fact, when you’re making love with yourself, you’re making love with the Earth, if you think about it, and where does our body start an errand and what we do to the earth we do to our body. So I think this as I approach my 50th year, learning about sexuality, I’ve just ended up in a surprising place. That gives me more food for thought. And yeah, I went and got a PhD in human sexuality because I wanted to learn more. And I’ve always used my own body as research. I wanted to learn what do other people do and how to do a study or how to write academically or those kinds of things. And learn how that statistics work, though and learn a little bit of that. I mean, it’s endless what you can learn about sex as you know,

Right? Yeah, there’s there’s always an opportunity to do more research with it. Yeah. Yeah. I’m moved by you know, the story of the click the ICO, the ICO sex walks, that you’re guiding, encouraging women to go on and I’m saying some of them being like, this is the best sex I’ve ever had and thinking about the rules and regulations. You know, they’re the things that get modeled. Usually, for a lot of people. It’s based in film or it’s like you see a movie, read a book. It’s what someone tells you and your religion or your family, and it’s like, this is how you have sex. And usually when a straight couple is talking to me, you know around sex therapy, they’re assuming when they say sex, it means P IV, penis and vagina, right? And so when you go and say go have sex with the earth or with any, any element, you’re taking away any restrictions, any rules, you’re creating lots of space to be creative and to imagine and to engage. Right? So it’s very liberatory. And it’s an HR

Absolutely. In fact, there are six therapists who see couples and they say, don’t have penis vagina sex for the first, you know, three, three sessions, because we’re gonna explore sex without that. And I think that’s a good strategy. And it takes pressure off because so many people are focused on that. Penis vagina, Saxon, no simultaneous orgasm, which a lot of people don’t ask.

Yeah, yeah, no, totally. When when you think of given that you have done so much research and exploration in your life? What is sexual or erotic freedom to you? How do you understand her to find that?

Oh, I think it’s just surrendering through the breath. And just letting go is as simple as a few breaths away and just focusing inward on relaxing the body and feeling letting orgasmic energy come through pleasure come through just being a pleasure being alive is sex, but then we get into what is sex, I haven’t really expanded definition, everything, my mother’s arrival size, everything, even root canal. And that’s where I actually eroticized breast cancer. When I had breast cancer, we took erotic photos, shame each other’s heads, and we did a dress up in constant for chemo and things like that. We made it fun. And we laughed Karsa was only stage one. So I had a luxury and privilege in doing that. And a great partner to do it where I could shave their head along with me. And we made erotic photos, cancer erotica, and they were published in honor backs magazine, and we put them in books. And we’ve made collages that have been shown an art exhibit, we made a whole bunch of art out of it, we actually toured a theater piece about breast cancer for two years.

I imagine also that the process of getting creative and finding pleasure and doing things that bring laughter in the process of responding to cancer, in itself was healing. You know, like there’s, there’s lots of ways that we can deal with something that we’re afraid of, in whether that’s climate change, or whether that’s breast cancer, and bringing pleasure and play into it into the response, you know, is going to it’s going to be a more resilient way to respond and be with it. Because not to say that fear isn’t justified because it really is. But it’s like fear begets fear, and more anxiety. And then it can be really paralyzing. And instead you’re engaging your like physical, your physical lysing things and you’re, you know, you’re engaging with the elements and with other people in these performances. And that’s what’s beautiful.

Creativity is often a really fun escape, but you end up with something productive and a way you can share it with other people. But for that matter, even arguing with your partner having an all out yelling or screaming match, could be a kind of sex as well because you’re, you’re having an energetic release. Maybe you’ve been kept up and not having clitoral orgasms are sound and you just need to have that explosion. And that’s to me, orgasm is really severity. So it could be a cry, that can be orgasmic or a yell. Or even a walk can be orgasmic in a way listens, timeout, kind of settle orgasm sometimes there’s all kinds of, of orgasmic release sure that life is a bitch sometimes and complicated and difficult and challenging. And so anywhere you can find a little sexy fun and pleasure or sensual as faction go for it. And a lot of people deny themselves that was this is a

Oh, it’s a massive Yeah, that I wish that wasn’t so and I would probably be unemployed. But you know, I mean, it breaks my heart how much people deny and basic, very, very basic needs, including even the right to food. Right? I have clients that struggle with feeling they deserve anything. And so there’s this real range. And, you know, pleasure can be such a complicated topic. For some people, it’s just obvious and easy. And then depending on what your conditioning was, and for your religious upbringing, etc, you get really divorced from it. And even the inkling of starting to feel it can bring on so much panic for some people, you know. So it’s, what’s total liberation for one being is very different than another. There’s a real slider that like a little sliding scale, you know?

Yeah. And I always say every human being is an entire rotting universe, waiting to be explored, but it’s going to be hidden, different universe for everybody. We’re all our unique sexual projects.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, there’s, it’s like your Cosmos versus his cosmos for you know, versus their cosmos.

It’s a miracle people can hook up. I can. All

Right, right. When we talk about the stars aligning, and it’s literally Yeah, how does that work cut? And the fact that you know, you and Beth had been together, what is it? 20 years?

Well, most almost, yeah, actually, tomorrow is our anniversary of the day, we made that commitment. All that our Red Wedding, where we committed to a seven year project, and we made committed to spending seven years together. And we weren’t allowed to get legally married at that point, that was not an option. So we had a wedding, take performance out of it. And we we did seven years of weddings. And we close the seven years with the wedding to the sun, here on Bernal Hill in San Francisco. So tomorrow’s our anniversary of the red wedding and the yellow wedding and after the wedding to the sun, which was actually gold, Gothic gold when we did finally get marriage rights for same sex couples. So we had done so many weddings or like races anti climatic, but we fought for this right to get legally married, we better go do it. And then our our tax accountant said it would be a good idea. So we we went for it. And so tomorrow night, we’re going out to a romantic evenings.

Is it your it’s your anniversary. Uh huh.

But we decided to continue. And actually, that led us to marrying the earth. And we did that as a big performance piece. And everyone who came 400 people came. And 150 people helped create the winning, everyone had the option to make vows to love, honor and cherish the earth. And that was the beginning of our Eco sexual journey was a and the whole story’s in our book. And with all the juicy details, and all the protests and resistance and all the critiques in there, and it’s quite an epic love story. And it involves a lot of community, a lot of art projects in collaboration with non human entities. And it’s a kind of unique story. And it’s good for artists. And a lot of sex workers have been involved along the way and a lot of scholars are because Beth is a professor. A lot of our friends are writers and advocates her a lot of activists.

It’s a remarkable text in terms of documenting, you know, performance, queer history, performance arts, like all your personal love story. There’s just so much in there. It was really it’s a dense text. And it’s fascinating because it’s also international, right? And so you’re taking these performances and these invitations for people to wake up in this playful, engaging way and look at climate change, but also get really creative and then you know how you were and also the SEC sidewalk clinics, right? That was something that I’m think I’m remembering correctly. There was so much in there. I’m like, Am I remembering in Berlin? Where was it that you were there protesting?

Oh, so Betsy and I did our first free sidewalk sex clinic at the Museum of sex in New York outside on the side lot and we made assigned free sex advice from six experts. And we had friends actually they were six educators and porn stars, Candy the L’Oreal Barbra Corellas Veronica Vera and we just sat on Fifth Avenue right near the Empire State Building and tours passing by and young people and old people. And we just answered six questions. And it was a huge hit. So we started doing them in college campuses, and we did them at Good Vibrations. We did one in San Francisco at SEC three shots. And when we were invited to be document 14 artists, which is a huge exhibition, like nine month, considered the, one of the best in the world for sure. It’s based in Kassel, Germany, we did free sidewalks, eco sex sex clinic is excellent. And we had 13 Six educators, mostly sex workers, because they are incredible six educators, but also artists and relationships, counselors and different kinds of people. It was in like seven languages were offered. And we made a menu. And it was very kind of art projects, experimental sex advice. But also we talked, you know, with someone who just got pregnant and and didn’t know what to do, or things like that. So we did that was our biggest one was huge. And there are photos of all the sex clinics who did all our projects, not all the clinics who’d been literally 50 or 60. You can see a lot of our work as sprinkles, the trends.org grants as PR SPR INKLESEPHEN S, the pH, not org, like orgasm. And we invite people to go there this links to some films and we have an email address there people can write to us, and we’re pretty accessible. And we invite collaboration we, we bring in visiting scholars from other countries, and but yeah, the work is still about ether sex ever since 2008. We thought maybe it was a passing phase. But it’s kind of the big umbrella. Yeah, we don’t have clean water and clean air and humans are kind of sunk. And we’re seeing a lot of climate change. disasters, right?

Yeah. Sure, you your for your book launch. I was honored to participate. And you did an eco sex sidewalk clinic outside of oh my gosh, how could I be blinding lights, city lights, City Lights bookstore. And it was very sweet. And there was this this woman who, you know, I thought it was kind of going to be this playful light thing that people were coming and going and there was someone who I spoke to who was so earnest, you know, like, she really it was very much about taking her anxiety around climate change. And she just wanted to how to not cause harm, how to have consensual relationships to the letter she was removing from her, her veggie box and etc, etc. You know, and I really loved getting to translate and think about the relationship to the earth and how, how I could give somatic practices that would help her manage her feelings and perhaps have a more pleasurable relationship to existing and bring that pleasure to the lettuce bring that pleasure to the plants, etc. Instead of moving through the world, constantly filled with dread.

Yeah, I often learn just as much from others as I do. So then I was giving a guide and getting advice and giving thought provoking questions. Or that was fun that city lights and thank you Charna for being a part of that and donning a lab coat and offering your services to the public. And yeah, we sold a bunch of books, which was nice and city lights was all booked up, you know, for the rest of the year. And we got in there because we offered a fun performance and the booking agent said Oh yeah, that sounds great. Let’s do it. And we were supposed to go do it in Japan, but got closed down from that by COVID. So this was the first time we got to try our prescriptions, eco sexual prescriptions, renewed and remain sane eco sex sidewalk. You Go sex clinic. So that was fun. Hopefully we can do it again. And it’s safe. Yeah, it was I think it was the people that participated in it. And we’re giving I got to meet these awesome people including your your good, quote unquote husband, Joseph creamer. But all the people that came to ask questions as well as that were that were friends, I felt like it was such an incredible group of people that I got to have conversations with and felt like it was really fruitful in so many ways. In addition to supporting your awesome book,

Well, part of our mission are in our pleasures, to build community, and we haven’t friends and network in these times of enormous challenges. So important, we’ve got to love each other, watch each other’s backs help each other as much as we can. And that’s the only way forward as far as I can see is through community and love and support. Here. So as Bell Hooks, who just passed away said Love is a verb. It’s about doing stuff, showing your love to doing something taking an action. And yeah, bell hooks to start. She was a great scholar and writer 30 books she wrote, yeah, prolific woman. This was only like my seventh.

Only she says, You’ve lived a prolific life really, you know, a full vibrant existence.

Yeah, it’s interesting. It’s interesting times, seeing how every generation in terms of sex has different issues and concerns, as to learn, again, the same stuff, but different stuff and has a different take on it. And that’s one of the wonderful things about getting older, is watching how history unfolds and changes and for example, there’s I’m about to do it film about soccer Mustafar documentary in May, he was a Lover and Friend. And he basically created the modern day, body piercing trend here in the US. So young people, they’ve never heard of him, right? No want to know about them. They don’t want to know these stories. So someone’s gonna make a film. And I’m sure they’ll love it. But I you know, when he died, I went to this hair shop, and they’re all pure syntype Tina, so you know, who started the body piercing jewelry trend? Oh, no, they didn’t have any clue. I was like, just shocked. They hadn’t heard of him. Right? Well, it’s how it goes. I mean, young sex workers don’t know about severe Hollander, the happy Hooker and what she did, or be heard something and poopoo it?

Well, I highly encourage younger listeners to to get your book and check out the videos that you’ve the educational videos and sexy videos that you’ve been a part of, because they’re still they’re very relevant. And it is important to know it’s like who’s got her back? Who could pave the way for us to keep opening in the way that we’re opening and, and unwinding and the way that we’re unwinding?

Well, we all have stuff to learn from each other. Yeah, you’re learning a lot from younger people. And they’re very savvy in a lot of ways. Oh, yeah. Yeah, but I don’t for example, show poor movie clips when I’m fighting to college anymore. I can look out for decades. Yeah. No, grow up with porn. No one is see porn, the site. I went to young age, and I’m glad I didn’t see it till I was 18. But I found it fascinating. They like found that when they were, you know, kids on the internet, it’s like all different. Well,

I think my first exposure to you is when I was no pun intended, was in high school. And there was he was a research book and I think there was there was there may have been a photo with faqeer Oh, yeah. And then and like the hanging from his nipples on hooks or something. And then the was it the five minute orgasm video. I was the assistant in a queer visions film class in college at Hampshire College. And I saw a video that you were in for the first time and my mind was expanded for sure.

Oh, yeah. That was quite the orgasm that one. Interestingly, that was the film slit and goddesses, which now On today’s eyes, it’s full of appropriation of other cultures and appropriate to show air, the way we used to it was like, it came out and it not end in that appropriation wasn’t really part of the discussion, right? So we’re doing, you know, like, I have put an image in here on the cover of The Goddess Ha, will arms and so I’m about actually to go in and edit that or some way that film and take out the cultural appropriation. Yeah. And times change. And we were celebrating those cultures back then. But that also maybe had some people not not everyone’s gonna like you and said that I’ve had that experience.

Well, and I think that, that being able to be flexible and responsive and realize our blind spots and know where it’s like, oh, this is how this can evolve in this, this material is still really relevant, really important, and how can we get that out there and so yeah, edit away. And maybe you’d even be willing to guide us through, you’re mentioning the fire breath earlier, and I like to have an exercise for my listeners every time we do an episode. And if that’s something that interests you, I would love that.

Well, I call it final breath, air energy orgasm. I don’t call it firebreath orgasm, because it wasn’t initiated into teaching us that. Yes, but I would I would do and invite everyone to do is to sit in a chair and you can do it sitting laying whatever and just close your eyes and just take a few relaxing breaths and let go of stress and tension with your exhale and start to breathe in some love from your interior gym as a loosen up your body. Breathe it up and exhale stress and tension. So you’ve got like a circle circular breathing and breathing and relaxation, love and pleasure and exhaling tension and stress and comfortability and your body just said sailing that and so imagine a circle of that and and you’re breathing in and out. And then you can start to rock in your chair. On the inhale, rock forward, Breathe in and exhale no rockboard and fill your genitals touching the chair and get a little turn ongoing. Maybe give you a general so little squeeze or a little muscular kiss and then start making some sounds with the breaths and Tito oz

Mmm this is real quickie Of course I’d rather take an hour to dig this and really go build it slowly but already I’m feeling a little consciousness shift a little lightheaded ah let’s make some sounds I now start a Robbie sizing not breath more and limb starting summer rod thoughts so something that brings you pleasure have a nice memory. Keep rocking or undulating in your chair and bring your sound up to your heart a little bit a lot and let’s meet some eyes. Oh love. Haha. Wow. They speed up the browser Ah, wow. Well, the eyes up in your head and pull that ah ah filthy little Mitsuki milky lips tingle a little ah, ah rolling your eyes up and bring the FCC breath to your head. You can move your hands in circles and gather energy from the universe through your genitals through your hands in your breath and say yes, yes, yes to have more access to energy. And then we’re gonna breathe it and try to breathe it up from the genitals out of your body into your throat into your fourth forehead your copier head and see if you can blow it off the top of your head quickly just a little energy orgasm ha ha ha Come on Oh keep it going it will slow it bro brought into climate just like bring it down a little bit high bring it down basking in the afterglow, ah your heart open. Keep moving in circulating rocking, making it pleasurable learning and heal your body clean out the guts to stress the sickness that headache whatever that got extra see being there in ecstasy, they they’re in orgasmic pleasurable ecstatic energy you can just stay silent, keep your eyes closed have your paws up and open ah I on the coin the little you could we could do that again and again over and over. If we wanted learn so much access is available just for the asking. And you can also feel sad or angry or whatever you want and at the same time, which you can be that be that love and bliss and pleasure and take a few breaths then be grateful you’re alive hopefully. And hopefully when you open your eyes now the colors are brighter and you’re feeling a little bit liner. Like he just Whoa, can you maybe if he I know I feel a little tingly on my lips and my tongue. Oh I feel like I can go for a big one but I don’t want to be on radio

It’s so good you know what I what came to mind during that is you know the way some way people will dedicate their yoga practice and an intention just thinking how this can be an you know an eco sexual practice and dedicating it to the earth or earth elements or any anybody or anything and that the power of the energy that you’re generating in your body. If you think prayer is powerful you should try this breathing it’s static and let it be rotting rather be sexy let it be orgasmic and let me tell you if you do it outside you can do it in the park you can do it it can Beach is so much better outside in the rain and the sun and the wind it will turn you on all of our to be outside and most people’s best sexual experiences are outside our nature and so if you can find some turrets ecstatically breathe if not get naked and jump in the water yeah anyway I think thank you to the listeners for listening to the end the climax and thank you Charna for time and for this great orgasm.

Beautiful thank you so much Annie and and where else if people want to find you what links what social media do you have that you want to share with us?

Well I think those are on sprinkled Stephen said or but I just invite you to if you’re interested in the ecstatic breathing and energy orgasm elaphe Gazans and Craig Adams and every time I orgasm, get that little book explores guide the planet orgasm. If you’re interested in art and eco sexuality, please get in Assuming the ease or sexual position wherever you buy books, you can always afford the lows. And otherwise I’m around and easy to find email me and follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. Yeah, I’m there any sprinkled within d at the end on Instagram because somebody had me sprinkle and Twitter’s and the sprinkle of Annie sprinkle and Facebook I have you know a regular friends page but also a likes page just check out the page because there’s a lot of other anti sprinkles out there actually.

Wow, that’s hard to believe because she’s you you are you know, you feel like one of the canes. Wow. So I have to say it’s been a pleasure with a capital P. Getting to have this conversation with you. And, and let’s get together again soon. Yes, sir. Everybody and keep up the good work. Charna

Thank you, Annie. I appreciate it. Well, I feel more invigorated. Did you join us for the exercise are you saving it for later simply bringing in more oxygen into your body changes your state and encourages more aliveness and presence? If you did do the practice and notice a difference what might be possible if you felt this way? 20% more of the time. Hopefully this has inspired you to Google Annie and the important work she’s doing to address climate change are open due to considering a new perspective. 

Again, this has been laid open podcast with your host Charna Casell. Please join us next week. If this show feels beneficial. we’d love if you please rate and review it and share it with your friends so others can find us. If you have additional questions around sex and trauma, you can submit them at charnacasell.com Follow me at Laid Open podcast on Instagram and Facebook and read more about my work at passionatelife.org Until next time, remember who you are.

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